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Full Version: Accounting treatment for VISA/Working Permit Cost
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Good day,

I am a new accountant here in Dubai. I don't really know what would be the treatment for the cost of working visa/permit. Here in Dubai, visas are for 2 years. I record every transaction for visa on a conservative manner.

My entry is as follows:
Prepaid Expenses - Dr
Cash - Cr

And after every month, i amortized it (based on its 2 years validity) and my entry will be:
Visa and Labour Expenses (Account used by the company from the start) - DR
Prepaid Expenses - Cr

Am i doing it right? Kindly help me on this one
Charge it off no need to amotized normally immaterial. i have never seen it being amotized.
No need to amortized. Just record it one time only as
Visa and Labour Expenses Dr.
Cash/Bank Cr.
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