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<b>AOA everybody,h r u?i accidently clicked on this site n wanted to join so that i can get useful information from my seniors etc...anyways,abt me...right now im doing t1 n t2 r clear on i'v given t3,t4,t5 .....hope so they get'll b joining ur company soon INSHALLAH...
take care
Welcome and best wishes for ur result...

wellcome, hopfully you'd enjoy the stay.
I would call it pleasant accident. Welcome on board.

Best regards

"You don't get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live. Now."
Well zeba ur welcome on this forum and we r really pleased to have u here hope we will hear good things from u ?

<font color="green"><i><b>Wel Come Zeba

First of all WEL COME to you here in ACCOUNTANCY FORUM. Secondly wish n pray for your success in your exams. Be here with the people to advise/ seek advice and knowldge. SO take care your self. Bye</b></i></font id="green">


Well...welcome zeba u have selected the best i hope + from u in the coming result...just pray and believe in god inshallah succssess will be on ur steps...
i also want to do CA.TELL me u r in islamabad or lahore.
hi everybody....thnx a lot for encouraging me.....thx again...
first warm welcome to our site. I am CA student if u want to need any help abt your studies do not hesitate to contact me

Hi everybody !
Welcome to the accountancy plateform . i did MBA and a student of ACCA , working for a KPMG-Islamabad. Please let me know i can be available for any furthur assistence !
Abdul Samad
Hi To All ...welcome to this site ..and i hope u r all enjoy it...and find good companions here..ok Alllah hafiz ....Take care of ur self and ur deeds also.thx
hiii everybody...howz every1...hope u all r fine...i get vvvvv lil time to sit on the net coz of my studies but i'll always try my best to join the forum as much as i can....anyways its a v.informative site n yup ofcourse whenever i need any assistance in my studies i'll always try to get help from u guys...
anyways result's on its way...all my best wishes for those awaiting result....pray for me too .... take care of urself n keep working harder if u want to achieve something.
n also takecare of everybody around u..

i hope so people will enjoy this section and discuss their problems on a mutual accomodation basis.i have recently joined this forum and would like to get informed as much possible and hope oldies to be helped in solving my accounting problems

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