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Full Version: you jump...i jump
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Titanic Version
You jump ... I jump

Friend version
I want to jump ... anybody else want to jump ?

Leadership version
I jump ... all of you jump after me

Follower version
We will jump after you jump

Coward version
You jump ... tell me if it is ok ... then I jump

Calculative version
I've already jump last time ... now it is your turn to jump

Commercial version
You should jump because every celebrities and famous people jump

Programmer version
If (you.jump()) then (I.jump())

Complicated version
If you jump then I jump that means if You don't jump I might still jump but if I don't jump means you didn't jump.

Doubtful version
You jump .... are you sure you want to jump ? .... no kidding? ... promise?

Gambler version
We'll throw a coin if it is head I jump ... if it is tail you jump

Tarzan version (just got to know Jane)
"Me Tarzan You Jump"

Forrest gump version
"My name is Jump, Forest Jump"

007 version
My name Bond, Jump s Bond

Arnold's version
You jump...I'll be back
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