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Full Version: career guidance please
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asalam o alikum,
i m in part2, as well as in pipfa final(1 paper to qualify),
my first dream was to become a chartered accountant from icap but now turned my mind towards acca,
obviously to get a well paid job outside pakistan, is it right dicision?
now main thing is this i want to spend few years in 1 of big4 audit firms for my professional grooming is it necesry to do for an acca member?
can i registere my self in icap trainee scheme and join firm after
will this training considered for ca of icaew if i takes exemptions in it on acca affiliation basis?
module a and b will be exempted on pipfa's basis than i have to pass intermediate and final during articleship so what would be the duration of articleship on registering after as a trainee scheme student? and eligibility in e and f modules exams?
i m really concious about my earning because i want to support my family in future financially, in want to go abroad desparetly,
so i m really confused, what to do? ca of icap or acca?
what if i do acca and than try to do icaew?
can anyone please guide me how to do and what to do? i can also claim exemptions of 7 papers in icmap on pipfa's basis but i m not considering this option because of having low market worth, m i right? now i planed to start acca inshallahin january 2010 and complete it in in inshallah 2 years as i m getting exemption of 2 papers, and than do icaew's rest 3 papers in 1 year and during these three years do articleship of icap, is it possible? is acca it self has market worth? what if i only become an acca member not a chartered accountant? keep in mind that i m wiiling ti work outside pakistan ok. i would be thankful for ur reading, understanding, analysing and than replying.[8)]
lagta hai yahan sarey seniors hi tharki hen sirf bachiyon ko hi reply karte hen
asif ali bey nawaz

Are you paying us to answer your each and every query? Are we liable to answer your every question? If not then just think what would you be if you call others tharki. Pathetic!

hey calm down people!!

Look asif u certainly have used cheap language after which u dont't deserve any attention!!

But let us assume that u posted all that after being frustated as u were not getting any reply.

Man actually these are not the best days this forum has seen,so things will hopefully improve,seniors will spare more time & then u ma be getting the replies in quality & quantity!!

Regards. [p]
my dear respected seniors..........
at least give me details of direct trainee scheme of icap after,,,,,,, and by the way i beg pardon for speaking truth in abusive way.......[^]
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