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Full Version: kamran bhai: need guidance/info on scope of CA
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salaam to all,

i am an acca professional module student.for now i am in khi.but maybe by the end of acca i maybe shifting back to pindi/isb.and inshallah by the time i move i'll claim exemptions from icap modules.

now, i would really like to ask forum members to please tell me the best teachers and their respective institutes which offer best faculty for ICAP module E n F in isb/pindi region.even if there are teachers teaching individually,plz let me know.

my question specifically to kamran bhai (others can answer to) would be to please tell me that what is the scope of ICAP CA in present conditions of economic downturn and what posts could i get max with ca/acca combination and should i do any other qualification for diversity.

p.s i would like to request all members replying to this thread to pls not to indulge in acca/ca debate plz.thank you.
For C.A i would say Islamabad College of Accounts and Finance is good, with quite experienced faculty of ACA and FCAs
Post of a job depends mainly on your technical expertise and professional grooming. As a newly qualified ACCA and ACA, you can get jobs of various types Audit Manager/supervisor(in firms), Finance manager, Management Accountant and Financial analyst are just to name a few of many
Scope of C.A in Pakistan is very bright despite the economic downturn. Even if the economy is at its worst, Professional Accountants will always be in demand because of their different job responsibilities, including audit, risk analysis and compliance with relevant financial reporting framework.
I personally don't think you need to add more than C.A and ACCA at this stage. Become qualified and continue your career is this field. The more experienced you get, the more rewarding the career becomes
thank you DARD for your response. the college you mentioned is ICAF.i m sorry to ask this again,plz dont mind,but are they offering module E and F?? cuz i am jusT cncrned for E and F.

ppl plz give more suggestions.

If you have to stay at Pakistan for longer run, then ICAP's membership is the best available choice even if you have done your ACCA.

I think CA will require much of your time and energy so don't think (as for now) for more diversity as a core objective. However, in between, you can check CIA or CISA but not at the cost of CA.

After CA you can go for diversification, if you so desire.


thank you kamran bhai,
there is something more i want to discuss with you kamran bhai.i know you must've heard this question zillion times before.
i would really like to have an honest opinion about CA passing criteria.whenevr i sit with people or friends i am just reminded about the failure cases/stories/policies of you tell me whats the true story.i am really focused to achieve my goal.regardless of what people have said till now,i still want to persue icap ca.please u clarify me evrythng realting to failure and all this controversy.

I have faced temporary failure as well in my last module; but it was merely because I was not preparing at the required level due to stiff job obligation and other shortcomings at my end.

In my whole career, no result ever was against what I percieved. Neither in CA nor at any other stage in my life; not even the marks of a single paper in my whole life. Yes once my result was bit better than what I anticipated and it was in CA Intermediate and paper was of financial Maths. However, my estimation always was realistic, and based upon truth to myself.

I remember once before entering the exam hall, I told one of my senior friends that no one can ever fail me in this paper regardless of whatever the paper has to be. He said, "I will ask your viewpoint at the time paper will be over". After the paper he inquired my view, I said it is unchanged. Result was positive ultimately.

Telling you this is not to praise myself. I was a mediocre student. Purpose is to clarify that result is always in accordance with the performance. I could never figure out why people feel they have been deprived of some thing. It never happens. My experience does not let me to accept it.

Best of luck to you.


thank u so much kamran bhai,allah bless u
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