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hi there guys, this is my second query in this forum. thnx for helping my first one. i am currently registered with acca and doing this corse from dubai. i have f1-f4 exemptions and my first attempt is in june 2011 .Due to some reasons i may not be able to continue it after june i.e. my first attempt. i am hoping that i will clear the f5 & f6 in june 2011. after that i might be moving to india, mumbai for completing my acca. i wanted to ask a few things -
how much is the importance of an acca in india becasue i want to make a carrier in it
are there classes for acca in mumbai?
where do i go for my articleship in mumbai?
will articleship with a CA b enough to gain experience?
is there any acca office in india? if yes, pls suggest me where?
pls dont suggest me to google it becuase i have already done it but m confused so
hoping for a positive reply thnx in advacne [)]
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