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SRO 586/91 Incometax - Information Consultant - 11-25-2011 04:28 PM

Can anyone here tell me the current status of SRO 586/91.IS it still valid or any other SRO replace it ?

- student_of_law - 11-25-2011 06:53 PM

Yes it is in force. Reason therefor is that an amendment was made to SRO 586/1991 on 31.12.2010.


It means that it was valid till the end of year 2010, otherwise there was no point of amending it. However, SRO 586/91 should be read in conjunction with SROs amending it like SRO 626(I)/ 91, 826(I)/1991, 1100(I)/1991, 1248(I)/2008, 1122(I)/1991, 1161(I)/2010, .
Though SRO 586/91 was issued under repealed Ordinance, however, SROs issued under s.50 of the repealed Ordinance are saved by s.239(12) of the new Ordinance of 2001

RE: SRO 586/91 Incometax - bennyjs123 - 07-23-2014 05:44 PM

Here is the latest update of income tax for 2014-2015: