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09-26-2011, 05:51 PM
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Claiming of amount deducted or collected as withholding tax has nothing to do with the point whether your income is exempt or not. It only depends on issue, whether the amount deducted was adjustable or final liability. If it is adjustable then you will claim its adjustment against your tax liability. If your tax liability is zero then you will become entitled to its refund.

On gas bill no income tax is withheld.
Income Tax withheld on phone, mobile and cash withdrawal are adjustable , you may claim refund.
Income tax withheld on electricity is also adjustable in the case of company

As far as procedure is concerned. You will file return. In return, you will show whole income as exempt income. In Annexure B, you will give details of amount withheld. This will be transferred to page 1.

For example on electricity tax paid is 100
on telephone 200
on cash withdrawal 200

Total of Annexure B would be Rs.500

It will be transferred to page 1

Tax payable minus total of Annexure B

Tax payable is zero while total of annexure B is 500
so 0 - 500

= -500

So your return will show refund of Rs.500

Now apply for refund in prescribed form for refund u/s 170.

If refund application not decided within sixty days, you may file appeal or complaint to FTO.



i want to knw some info as you have answerd detaid that we can claim REFUND U/S 170.

1-THAT if we have refund of I.d.p.t and as well refund of (electricity,telephone,and mobile)thn there is only one box for refund amount in return thn how we can claim both refund.

2- if we ADJUST refund without commisioner approval thn what will b the result is there any possibility to adjust refund by ourself?

plz ans i need ur asistance thanks
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