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SBP Announces its Panel of Audit Firms

KARACHI (October 24 2002) : The State Bank of Pakistan on Wednesday has announced to induct 36 Chartered Accountant (CA) firms in its panel of auditors. The Bank has included these firms in three categories. Category A includes 13 firms, Category B includes 12 and Category C includes 11 firms.

Following are the categories and names of the auditing firms:

Category 'A'

A1 A.F. Ferguson & Co.
A2 Anjum Asim Shahid & Co.
A3 Avais Hyder Zaman Rizwani
A4 Ebrahim & Co.
A5 Husain Rahman
A6 Hyder Bhimji & Co.
A7 Ilyas Saeed & Co.
A8 Khalid Majid Rahman Sarfaraz Rahim Iqbal Rafiq
A9 M. Yousuf Adil Saleem & Co.
A10 Muniff Ziauddin & Co.
A11 Riaz Ahmed & Co.
A12 Taseer Hadi Khalid & Co.
A13 Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder & Co.

Category 'B'

B1 Aslam Malik & Co.
B2 Hameed Ch. & Co.
B3 Hameed Khan & Co.
B4 Ibrahim Sh. & Co.
B5 Ijaz Tabussum & Co.
B6 M. Hussain Ch. & Co.
B7 Rahim Jan & Co.
B8 Saeed Kamran Patel & Co.
B9 Sidat Hyder Qamar & Co.
B10 Ford Rhodes Robson Morrow
B11 S.M. Masood & Co
B12 Zahid Jamil & Co.

Category 'C'

C1 Abdul Sattar & Co.
C2 Daudally, Lalani & Co.
C3 Fazal Mahmood & Co.
C4 Mushtaq & Co.
C5 R.H. & Co.
C6 Rehman Iqbal Umar Iftikhar
C7 Riaz Ahmed, Saqib, Gohar & Co.
C8 Qavi & Co.
C9 Saleem Hadi Aslam Nawaz
C10 Shahid Sami & Co.
C11 Taher Moochhala & Co.

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