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ICAP announces Spring 2004 Foundation / Intermediate Examination Results

KARACHI, May 04, 2004: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) has announced the results of Foundation / Intermediate Examination Spring 2004.

Result Summary

No. of Candidates

Spring 2004Autumn 2003 (Previous attempt)
Complete Passed in Foundation Examination (Modules A & B) Complete324319
Complete Passed in Intermediate Examination225290
Passed Complete in Foundation (Specified)01
Passed in Module – A only539663
Passed in Module – B/SM-3A/SM-4A only3825
Passed in Module – C/SM-1/SM-7 only266291
Passed in Module – D only1624
Permanent Credits in Module – A903833
Permanent Credits in Module – B/SM-3A/Sm-4A526469
Permanent Credits in Module – C/SM-1/SM-7437366
Permanent Credits in Module – D344499

Award of Gold Medals

ICAP Gold Medal (Ameena Khatib Foundation) for outstanding achievement in Financial Accounting examination has been awarded to the following candidates:
1.  Miss Mueeza Ali2.  Mr. Muhammad Adeel Haseeb3.  Mr. Muhammad Shahzad


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