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References Can Make or Break a Job Offer

Keeping in touch with your references is an important step in the job search process, according to a new survey by temporary staffing firm Accountemps. Senior managers polled said they typically speak with at least three references before considering someone for a position.

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The rise and rise of Deloitte & Touche

Senior partners at PwC will have been spluttering over their mineral waters last month as they read the annual results of their closest rival Deloitte & Touche. They may have enjoyed a bit of schadenfreude over the last year as tales emerged of culture clashes between Deloitte staff and their new colleagues from Andersen, but Deloitte’s audacious takeover of a large part of Andersen UK’s former business a year ago this month has put PwC’s position as Britain’s biggest firm in danger.

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Turn Excel Into a Financial Sleuth

One of our small business clients—we’ll call him Bob—recently expanded his one-store, family-run retail operation into a four-store chain. As many small business owners have to do, Bob had to relinquish some hands-on control when his business grew. He had to hire new employees for each store, and he worried about the possibility of bookkeeping errors and, even worse, fraud.

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Writing Your Way to Success

Writing skills have become increasingly important for accountants as their roles expand. Whether it's crafting a memo, preparing a report for executives, or developing materials for clients or colleagues, accounting professionals need to be effective writers in order to advance in their careers.

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Accountant! It is time to reform thyself

As the noise on level playing field, rotation, advertising and fair competition is rising, the real issue is being brushed under the oriental rug — the regulations of the ICAI has remained unaltered, although the world around us has completely changed.

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XBRL: Revolutionizing the Corporate Reporting Supply Chain

XBRL - eXtensible business reporting language - the Internet-based computer language for business reporting, has steadily gained visibility and momentum over the past two years. How could a computer language shake things up so much? Think back to the giant metal boxes that changed the face of global shipping and trade.

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Maintain Excellence, Cut Risk

Despite a year of bad headlines, we all know that most accountants are “good guys”—that is, intelligent men and women of character who respect their role as the cornerstone of the capital formation process. Nevertheless, recent company failures caused by a few bad apples have vividly demonstrated some of the profession’s weaknesses and brought a spotlight to bear on the quality of audit and attest services.

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