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Working Capital Control

Successful business is about investing in the right ideas, the right equipment, and the right people. And to invest businesses need capital – either from the owners, from retained profits or from others willing to advance credit or loans.

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International standards take on new importance

Two years ago, the International Accounting Standards Board was a mere benchwarmer in the standards-setting game. It was a group with a goal that in the eyes of many was little more than altruistic-to develop a single set of global accounting standards. Well times have changed.

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Corporate decline

Case studies rarely present the students with a rosy picture of a trouble-free organisation. Internal weaknesses are often apparent. Strengths may be under-utilised. Externally, threats that the organisation has failed to respond to or opportunities that it has failed to exploit may have led to present difficulties. The four italicised words used in this paragraph identify the possible reasons for or causes of corporate decline.

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It is so reassuring to have a person like Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi among us. Founder of Edhi Welfare Network, for many years this network has been able to help many desperate in need. Our society would surely be less humane without selfless people like him and his family who fully supports him.

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Perfecting Your Proposal

When competing for an engagement, many accounting firms have a similar belief. “They believe all they have to do is show their qualifications; a sort of meritocracy. A belief that the cream will rise to the top and the intrinsic value of the services that they provide will be seen. What they don’t realize is there are five other firms who believe the exact same thing about themselves.

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Variance Analysis

Variance analysis is the comparison of actual costs with standard costs. The purpose of this article is not to discuss the principles of standard costing as a technique but to consider the calculation of variances and their interpretation.

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Vigilant Spreadsheets

Would you like to be able to scan your company’s financial operations spreadsheet and instantly see which departments are over budget or behind schedule or which accounts receivable are past due? There’s an easy way to do that in Excel, which can automatically flag cells that meet most any condition you establish.

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Identity theft: a growing fraud threat

Stephen Hill in a special study, looks at the increasing problem of fraud and its implications for benefits, business and advisers.

"Who steals my purse steals trash, but he that filches from me my good name… makes me poor indeed" (William Shakespeare (Othello))

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Leasing companies feeling heat of competition

Leasing companies have a problem or two on their hands. In about the last three years, commercial banks have entered the arena and are wrestling away market share from the leasing sector. There is doubtless, nothing illegal about that, but leasing companies complain that banks are not bringing in fresh new business but because of the financial muscle that they enjoy, banks are 'poaching' from that share of the 'critical mass' which leasing companies had laboriously built up over the last 14 years.

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A Napster for Financial Data?

Imagine this: At any time of the day or night, and with just a few clicks of the mouse, a financial planner or an individual investor can access a company’s present and past financial reports in extraordinary detail. In addition, an array of instant analyses of those data can be performed, which displays them either graphically or as conventional financial statements.

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