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Financial Systems: Fact, Fancy … Fast?

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth: this may be the case in our justice system, but is it true in our financial systems? Managers and investors alike question the relevance and timeliness of traditional financial reporting systems. Add to that the Internet and its new economy, as well as market capitalization run wild — you have a mess waiting for an answer. Part of that answer may be a new specification from the accounting industry: XBRL.

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Should acquiring new clients be your top priority?

Let's ask ourselves, "Why do we want to get more clients?" The answer, obviously, is to grow our business. And why do we want to grow our business? Certainly not to get busier. It has to be for raising our bottom line. So, we have established that the ultimate goal of why we want to get more clients is to make more money and be more profitable.

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Make Your Resume Stand Out From the Crowd

In any job market, it's important to put your best foot forward -- even at the beginning of the application process. A carefully prepared resume can distinguish you from your competition right off the bat and help increase your chances of being invited for an interview. So it's essential to invest time in creating a first-rate description of your skills and experience.

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Reporting Relationships of Internal Auditors

The latest rash of high-profile accounting scandals is adding fuel to the debate over reporting relationships in the finance department. No longer satisfied with financial audits controlled exclusively by senior corporate executives and accounting firms, regulators and institutional investors are now insisting that publicly traded companies reorder some of those reporting relationships.

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10 Tips for Crafting Eye-Catching Cover Letters

Your cover letter presents your intentions, qualifications and availability to a prospective employer in a succinct and appealing format. As your first chance to make a great impression, a personalized letter indicates you are serious about your job search. Your resume can give the nitty-gritty of dates, places of employment and education, but your cover letter must entice the reader to consider you amidst hundreds, or even thousands, of candidates for any one job opening.

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The auditor as consultant

Energized in part by the new definition of internal auditing, many internal auditors currently find themsleves performing a much broader spectrum of activities than ever before. In particular, the addition of consultative services to the internal auditor's defined set of competencies has introduced an entirely new dimension to the profession.

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Effective report writing

Most of us have been involved in writing a report at some time, either in our working lives or our personal lives. Be it an audit report, a director’s report or simply an insurance claim report, it is very important for any report to effectively communicate information to the report user.

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Recession: What Does it Mean to Investors?

Increased jobless claims and shrinking economic output. How does this affect us as investors? What does a jobless person have to do with my portfolio? What does shrinking output have to do with my blue chip shares? Well, all these indicators are part of a larger picture determining the strength of the economy and identifying whether or not we are in a period of recession or expansion.

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Information technology in the accounting curriculum

Information technology plays a vital role in supporting the activities of both profit-oriented and not-for-profit organisations. Accountants, in addition to extensively using various types of information technologies, often play important managerial, advisory and evaluative roles in connection with the adoption and use of various information technologies by organisations of all types and sizes.

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