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Should external auditors provide “Other Professional Services”?

The ultimate responsibility for financial statements may lie with corporate managers, but by any measure, the audit firms have failed miserably in their role as financial watchdogs. And with their profession about to undergo a major overhaul, they have been a very quiet voice in the reform debate. There's a void of leadership in the audit industry. The firms are all in defensive mode.

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Getting the balance right

A work-life balance is by its nature very subjective, and achieving a good balance between work, study and the rest of your life is no easy task. Balance for you will very much depend on your personality, how much study you need to do and the type of job you have.

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I Never Felt So Handsome

Four days. 5,000 of the world's top accountants. It doesn't get better than this! As an outsider, Bryan Walsh takes a lighter look at the recent meeting of world's accountants held in Hong Kong.

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21st century job search

The internet means it is now possible to find the perfect job without leaving your desk. Helen Perkins looks at 21st century job search with a particular emphasis on how new technologies are revolutionising the job market. To make any job search as fruitful as possible, you first need to know what you are looking for. Job seekers tend to ...

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Accountant of the future

Accountants need to capitalise on traditional strengths such as independence and concern for the public interest, through migrating to higher value-added activities, developing broader skills and being committed to lifelong learning.

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Debunking Job-Search Myths

Looking for a job is rarely easy, especially when there are so many theories on what you should and should not do. Following are five common myths about job hunting and some advice for putting your best foot forward.

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How to avoid common Web mistakes

Yes, your new computer came with Web design software and you are no doubt tempted to be a build-ityourself Web designer. However, owning Web software doesn't mean good results any more than owning a camcorder means you should write, produce and edit your own television commercials.

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The systems approach to internal audit

The Evaluation of Existing Controls Each systems audit assignment should concentrate on an assessment of the adequacy and reliability of the controls necessary to ensure that each of the agreed control objectives is achieved. This evaluation should form the core part of the audit work. However, other significant aspects of the control environment, the efficiency of the system and the ...

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The other side of getting qualified

Barry Payne explains why every ACCA student should take work experience as seriously as their studies and shows how to take the strain out of completing ACCA’s Student Training Record. Why is practical experience important? In addition to passing the examinations, you must complete ACCA’s practical training requirements if you want to become a Chartered Certified Accountant. The evidence of ...

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