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Paradigm Shift: Will the Internet Revolutionize Your Practice?

The accounting and tax profession is currently experiencing a new technology-based paradigm shift—the migration from Windows based PC applications to the Internet. This is not the first new paradigm to affect all practitioners. Indeed, the evolution of tax preparation exemplifies the technological transition we now face.

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Ten Steps to a Top-notch Investigative Interview

It takes a combination of careful observation and inquiry to conduct an effective audit. Although auditors are adequately trained to be alert at a client site, most learn on the job how to ask questions to elicit specific information.This is a matter of no small importance because CPAs frequently have to inquire about operations and procedures, to document internal controls and - on occasion - to question the honesty and integrity of management and employees. For practitioners who want to improve their interviewing skills, this article will emphasize what not to do or say to uncover wrongdoing.

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The ACCA exam cycle

Ever wondered why ACCA exams cost as much as they do? It’s because each of ACCA’s 112 examination papers undergoes a long and thorough quality check before making it into the exam hall. This process demands input from a large number of individuals, including the Examiner, a panel comprising of an Assessor, an Education Adviser, a Subject Co-ordinator and an Examination Sitter, as well as each member of the marking team.

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BDO Seidman And The Accountants' Revenge

That's silly - accountants don't use pocket protectors, not for years. They use PDAs, just like the investment bankers. But the case of BDO Seidman versus Judge William Webster does raise an important point, one that has been lost since Enron started making headlines and Arthur Andersen started being vilified: The books and records accountants audit are written first by the clients.

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Sharpening Your Presentation Skills

The role of the accountant has evolved into a more visible position within the company. Gone are the days of the stereotypical "bean counter" who sat in a back room compiling financial reports. Today's accounting professionals are front and center, providing information to many different individuals and groups -- often to people outside of their company or field. To distinguish yourself and expand your career opportunities, you'll need to continuously sharpen your presentation skills.

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Differences Between Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A differs from the other reasons for valuations in that an actual arm’s-length negotiation (not just a written report) takes place. This article describes differences between merging and acquiring for CPAs advising a client that will buy or merge with another business.

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Assessing a Job Offer

While securing a job offer can be difficult in a competitive employment market, it can be equally challenging to determine if that situation is right for you. Generally, the people who know you best are the best ones to turn to for guidance.

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Moving Your Company Online (Part 2)

Designing your site Realize that the design and development of your Web site will never be truly complete. Great Web sites evolve over time just as new products are created, new markets are developed, and new business strategies are launched. These ongoing changes should be reflected in the content and presentation of your Web site. Abstract ideas and flights of ...

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