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ABC of Income from Property

We know that the imposition of tax and computation of total income has to be classified under one of the five heads of income. Rent received or receivable by a person in respect of land or building, is charged to tax under the income head ‘Income from property’.

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Direct Tax Policy Principles

Minimization of compliance costs not only for businesses but also for the collectors and maximization of revenue for Pakistan seems to be the core issue of this seminar. When I use the word direct taxation, I would mean to include income tax (Federal and Provincial) and Capital Value Tax broadly speaking and in one sense can be effectively categorized as direct taxes.

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Indirect Tax Policy Considerations

Consumption taxes have grown to be a major source of tax revenue for governments around the globe. Tax authorities worldwide are gradually migrating the overall tax burden from direct tax to the less visible indirect taxes and are the sole big reason of increasing inflation.

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Update Your Resume Regularly

It seems a simple thing to keep your resume updated. But it isn't. You perform so many unique projects in the Big4 that if you don't keep track of them, you may lose sight of all your accomplishments when you are preparing a new resume. Time and again, I have to pull the information out of my clients as to why they are special.

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How to Answer ANY Interview Questions

Getting the resume ready is the easy part. Preparing for the interview… well that’s another matter. You can learn to answer any questions that comes your way by learning how to direct the conversation to the topics you want to discuss.

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Your Cover Letter Sells You

Everyone has always been told not to judge a book by its cover. If this is the rule, then what makes you want to read a book? Of course you are going to look at the cover to decide if you are interested in the rest of the book. You may also flip to the back cover of the book to read a brief summary of the book.

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Shariah-compliant Financial Products

Shariah compliant finance is an important part of life for the faithful. Currently, Shariah-compliant financial products are available to both Muslims and non-Muslims around the globe. Hence, all consumers should have the opportunity to take up these products without facing undue regulatory barriers.

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Audit Software that won't Sit on the Shelf

As co-authors of the Buyer's Guide for Audit, Anti-Fraud, and Assurance Software, we are often asked to give a kind of Consumer Reports -type summary of 140 vendors in areas as diverse as forensics, risk management, web collaboration, data analysis, and SOX compliance. People ask us what the 'best' package is. This is a reasonable question but it is hard to answer.

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