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Full Version: CIA- College Grad with 2 years Gov't Experience
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Aloha from Hawaii,

I've been working with the Federal Government, 1 year part-time, 1 year full time. I received my Bachelor's Degree (BSBA) in International Business. I have taken basic accounting/finance/econ classes.

I'm looking to step out of the Federal Government and join the private world. I currently am in charge of providing information and solving issues in regard to all audits our agency reports. I do various Grant managing and financial duties.

I wanted to know some advice on on the CIA exam, if my experience would qualify for the License. I don't know too much about the CIA, but I know it's a huge tool in the auditing world.

I don't love accounting but I am very good at making decisions, solving problems, finding the error, etc.

I'm 24 years old and my goal is to join the Big-four and make a move to Brazil (where I'm originally from) getting paid big bucks.

Any advice would be great.

Mahalo (thank you),

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