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Full Version: extension of time in accounts filing
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members plz tell me that can we get extension in time for filling accounts of foreign company.

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You did not mention that whether the mentioned foreign company is a subsidiary of a company incorporated under companies ordinance,1984. You also did not mention whether this foreign company is incorporated in Pakistan or not.

However if Companies Ordinance is applicable on that company then under section 233 (read with section 242) extension of one month can be obtained . If company is not listed but required to file accounts then the registrar of company will extend the period in case of listed companies S.E.C.P will extend the period. However keep it in mind that the registrar and Commission will give approval of extension of the date of meeting in which Annual Accounts are supposed to be presented.

To determine exact legal time frame for filing of account read section 157 and 158 also.
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