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Full Version: Doing acca after Intermediate - Procedure
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plz telll me how i can do acca after inter is it possible if is it ? then tell me how the process plzzzzz
after inter, no, but you can do CAT which is a prerequisite.

here's all the info you need go to and then to students and affiliates tab.

You check the requirements for CAT and you register online also paying the fees.
You get registered and recieve a regestration pack and an ID Number.
Then you start giving papers.

Honestly bro, i say this for your own benefit, CAT and ACCA are flooding the market and now when CA has reduced exemptions ACCA's are less worth and the market and their quantity is increasing by folds.

Go for CA or CIMA.
ACCA is old news!
if i do fia then i do acca or not?????????????
Yes you can do ACCA after completing FIA... CAT has now been replaced by a new Qualification known as FIA (Foundations in Accountancy).
It's getting harder to keep in tune with all these qualifications floating around.

Bad time people. The economy is going everywhere but up.
Qualifications and education today seems like gimmicks to swindle people of their money.

They are increasing supply while demand is decreasing.

Hold on fellow, in for a really rough ride.
how long fia will complete
i presume same time as CAT. So 1 year. But as always, dependent on the person
time period of completing CAT depends upon a person that how much he can study at a time.
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well, i've noticed.
Our people and mostly our youth are very hardworking but since no one is there to give direction they end up wasting their hardwork.

So proper guidance is missing.
And mostly i think, because some people are just too busy or too arrogant to help someone out.