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Full Version: list of clients of AFF, KPMG, EY, &OTHERS
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Many newcomers need this information.. so kindly any senior please put some names here...
In telecom sector,AFF has Ufone and Warid,Mobilink recently shifted from KPMG to E&Y,E&Y also has Telenor,not sure about Zong.PTCL is jointly audited by AFF and E&Y.AFF has allUN-related audits,KPMG has major portion of the hotel industry,Deloitte is famous for having government-related audits.
Disclaimer Apart from a couple of these names,cannot personally vouch for the veracity of this information but well-informed fellow students gave this information.Best of luck-I don't believe you will be expected to know the names of specific clients,mentioning the general industry would hopefully do just as well.
For KHI KPMG has a big share in the Banks, AFF in MNC, Delloite Textile and GOvt Clients and EnY a mix + a lot of secondments
EY has Siemens, PPL, Lucky cement, PARCO, HBL, UBL, Bank al habib, Kasb group, State bank, Balochistan wheels, EFU insurnce, Sanofi aventis and many others. These are few clients i can think of rire now!
wow, that a very great contribution, we have now an idea of clients of big four.
AFF islamabad has
1. Ptcl
2. Telecom Foundation
3. Warid
4. Ufone
5. POL
6. ARL
8. Save the children
9. Etisalat
10. POL
11. Weatherford
12. Actionaid
As a matter of fact the clients don't matter alot, what matters is the quality and policies of the firm u r attached to and quality of supervision and work load.

So b4 making any decision about the firm be sure that u hv been thru pros and the cons of the firm.
which firm is better? kpmg or delloite? with respect to secondments and clients
it depends on office to office eg in isl KPMG is much much better than deloitte
overall not many can argue that deloitte is behind aff,kpmg,ey but i have heard lot of praises about deloitte's aas section. that almost 90% of the clients in deloitte khi are with this section,more than 10-12 clients,easily among there with the big sections of aff,kpmg. and its unfair to say that there are only govt clients there,
procter & gamble, gillette, groupm, abbbott, hubco are a few names that my friends have told me
does any 1 know abt the clients of Avais hyder liaqat nauman