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Full Version: Transportation Service Charges
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Dear Lab Top,

Hope you are doing great, I have a query Regarding Services charges on Transportation,
If the person is doing his transport business on commission basis, will he pay 2% tax against his income or there is any provision in law regarding aforementioned.
Say if a transporter hire a vehicle on commission basis and just earn 500 Rs from One Vehicle, can he refund or reduced his tax liability.
WHT only on amount of commission is deducted for instance you have to show your margin of commission if due to any reason you do not want to show your percentage of commission to your client then I would suggest you apply for grant of exemption to your respective Commissioner Income Tax.But simultaneously the income of the principal or the owner of vehicle should also be taken in consideration. So in broad picture tax will be deducted on both portions of income because the income earned by principle is also earned from transportation business. In this case the WHT should issue two cirtificate of WHT collected as per circulars of FBR
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