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Full Version: ACCA P4 vs P7
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which is best option and why
take the one that interests you.. it doesnt really matter from a job perspective. There is more learning in P4 since you are not likely to make a career in audit as an ACCA. However the most important thing to consider your own strengths and weaknesses and the other papers your are giving along with this since you will not want to be overburdened. P4 traditionally has a lower pass rate and if you have good p2 and f8 concepts, p7 should not be very difficult to pass.

hey guys
Please any one can guide me how to tackle P1 because em doing by self study. and also i am opting four paper in june 2012 attempt. i.e f7-p1. can any body tell that should i take 4 paper or 3, if i do take 4 so can it ll be easily manageable?
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