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Full Version: Scientists have Logic for whatever they do
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Once all the scientists decide to play hide-n-seek
Unfortunately Einstein is the one who has to count to
100 and then seek for others. Everyone starts hiding
except Newton. Newton just draws a square of 1 meter
and stands in it right in front of Einstein. Einstein
was still counting ....... 97, 98, 99 ...100. He opens
his eyes and finds Newton standing in his front.
Einstein looks at Newton and says "Newton
out..newtons....out; I found you"

Newton denies and says I am not out ... He claims that
he is not Newton.

All the scientists come out and really succeeds to
convince him that Newton is not Newton.... How ?

His Proof was

Newton says I am standing in a square of area 1m
square...That means I am Newton per meter square,
hence I am Pascal .... since Newton per meter square =
Pascal, Pascal is OUT.