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Full Version: Which country's CA is best recognised?
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one can do CA in diff countries.For example Uk irrland australia new-zeland etc etc.
I want to know which one is the best and recognized over the world.
Is it ICAEW or ICAP or any one elce.
If u look at the course duration then icaew don't looked the best.
Any way pz reply soon.

I m also asking an exclusive question.
I m keen to be a news caster i m bachlour student at the movment,cant
any news channel employ me,after my bachlor if
# i can speek english fluently
# if i have good marks in BA
# if i have a charming personality
# if had passed toffel test or what so ever it is in good marks(i m sorry i had forgotton its spelling).
If i have done an 8 month course of journalism.from islamabad acadmy of education and skills.
what do u think about it.All those things are useless or use ful.

maamoo jaisii english tumne likhi hai us pe to koi bhi naa poochay tumko /

Angootha Chaap P
actually yar main kesee our kee taraf say lik raha tha.
by tha way hamaree kom main yeh kia musla hay kay discourage karnay lagtay hain.
agar main abhee dashing qesam kee english lik laitha tho tum pher tareef na kartay,and dont use this indian language mamoo, aap indian filmo say impress lagtay hain,magar es thra dosray impress nahee hotay.
well pz ignore my bad english and reply some in a good manner for the both of my question.
take care all of u
allah hafiz




yes , i also think icaew , and also CPA , they both hav very good repu.

But But But ICAP is ICAP,THE BEST bcoz it is in our beloved country , and we hav to promote it
hi guyz i wanna help about ca in uk. now i am student of 2nd year. i wanna do ca(inter)from england or australia.plz help me give me website of institute or universities. i will be very thankfull to u.

why not full ca?
yeah.... why ca inter only
icaew england website
icaew is facing financial difficulties these days. its only our (pakistanis) "ghulamana" approach that we are always praising it. icaew was thinking a merge, then they decided to announce their ccab program. in uk people are preferring now a days icai, icas
is it possible to start internship with icaew after passing module D of ICAP.

First of all, ICAEW is really despread to increase her membership everyone knows that, and yes ICAEW is in Financial Difficulties,read the ICAEW Cheif Exective statements before the voting of merger proposal.

If ICAEW is not interested in increase her membership y she is introduce CCBA membership route.

Secondary, I never said ppl are prefering ICAS rather than ICAEW. Its not really upto students, its upto employer. Employer are more interested in ICAS over ICAEW as in current structure of both institutes slybus, there are exemptions for graduates in ICAS examintions.

As in UK employers pays all the students fees like tutition fee, examination fee etc. Therefore employer can reduce these students fees upto some extent if they choose ICAS over ICAEW.

Thirdly, Ernest and Young (Amongst big 4 firms of the world) does not offer ICAEW training to her students at all. All of EY students are studying for ICAS exams.

Fourthly, another other amongst top 10 called W H White moves towards ICAS.

So please research before posting anything.

I personally prefer ICAI as ICAI is the only UK based qualifications fully recognised in USA, means ICAI is MRA with CPA America. In other words ICAI members can sign audit report in all countries where ICAEW members can plus in USA. ICAEW members cant sign audit report in USA as ICAEW does not have MRA with CAP America.

On person ask is it possible to start ICAEW training after ICAP Modul D. I just want to say that to start ICAEW training you do not need to pass single papers of ICAP.

If one wants to take admission in ICAEW one even does not need to take PPT as in the case of ICAP.

To register with ICAEW one at least need to have A-Level. As Bachelors degree from pakistan is equals to A-Level therefore one either need to have A-Levels of Bahelors degree from Paksitan.

For A-Level or Graduate from Pakistan duration of Training Contract (Articles) is five years and plaese remember no firm in UK will offer u training contract (Articles) for five years if you are overseas students requiring work permit. Please note that A-Level or Graduate from Pakistani university are even not legally eligible to apply for work permit. If a firm in Uk apply for work permit on someone behalf who is A-Level or graduate from Pakistani university, British givernement will reject the applications.

Yes Masters degree from Pakistan in equal to UK bachelors degree, but after Masters from pakistan there is less than 1% chance of secring training contract (Articles) in Uk. As far as ICAS in concerned only UK graduate or Masters from pakistan are eligible to seek admissiom regardless of their nationality, but agin main problem is securing training contract (articles) in UK.

If one has bachelors degree from UK then duration of Training contract (Articles) is three yrs. Its again depends from which university one did his graduation. If oversaes students have completed his bachelors even from Oxford or cambridge then still there is 50% or less than 50% chance to securing training contract (articles) in UK if u requires work permit.

Kind Regards

Khalid Sipra
My Dear
You mean to say that the ICAS has more reputation as for as job is concerned.So ICAEW is inferior to ICAS.
ou told that ICAEW was facing financial problems due to which it has merged and started the program of CCAB.
Can you plese tell me what is meant by CCAB.
I am waiting for your reply.
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If one has bachelors degree from UK then duration of Training contract (Articles) is three yrs. Its again depends from which university one did his graduation.

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I think in the UK for all graduates the training contracts for accountancy firms is 3-yrs, irrespective of the university they attended. They don't even have to have a business or accountancy related discipline at their degree level education. There are examples of biology graduates becomg successful accountants.

I did not say that ICAS superior to ICAEW. I meant to say employers are prefering ICAS over ICAEW because if ICAS sylbus structure as graduate gets more exemptions for ICAS exams than ICAEW, wgich in cost effective for firms,

Once anyone qualified then there will be no difference in term of knowledge and recognition and it will not matter that u r ICAEW memeber of ICAS.

CCAB standards for Consulative committee bodies and ACCA, ICAEW, ICAS, ICAI, CIMA and CIPFA are its members.

YES all UK graduates need to enter in three yrs training contract regardless of their university. I meant to say if one has graduated from good university, chances of securing training contarct will be much higher espically when overseas students are concerned, for example LOndon School of Economics is ovbiously given preference over East London University both by employers and students.

You all of them are mixing up things.

Kind Regards

Khalid Sipra
CCAB stands for Consultative committee of Accountancy bodies and ICAEW, ICAS, ICAI, ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA are ist members.

Sorry is my first post due to typing error I omitted Accountancy
Like CPA Ireland members are legally allowed to sign audit report in European Union, but it have only 1400 members (If I am not wrong). Its really depends on individuals and employers which institutes they do prefer.

Its just like CPA Australi can audit in Austrlia and ACCA is fully recognised by CPA Australia. On the other hand CPA Australia is fully recognised in Hing Kong where ACCA was recognised in Hong Kong but not at present, obviously negotiations are in Place and ACCA will again recgonised in Hong Kong.

ICAI is fully recognised in Hong Kong, but CPA American in not Recognised in Hong Kong. again on the other hand CPA America in fully recognised in Ireland and as a result in EU.

So no institutes is superior to other its just depends on their agreement with other countries institutes.
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