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Full Version: ACCA or CA Query
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SALAM DEARS hope u all will b fine
i have done my F.Sc this year now i want to do CA but most of my frnds said that i woukd not do it.then i decided to do ACCA which i think is little bit easy as compare to CA
So i request all those my brothers to guide me right way that what shuold i do ?
saqib hussain
from peshawar
ACCA is better

You will get a much better response if you post this question in the students section
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar i am telling thaaat acca is much better .and the institute skans is best to do this
salam saqib.ask yourself, can u do acca.if u work hard then ok,otherwise this is a longway. visit to for forther help.ok
well, CA or ACCA both r good.
By the way what were your marks in Fsc, because it is the only way you can gauge your ability. i hope, you can do that yourself. REGARDS