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Full Version: ACCA colleges and their fee structure
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friends,i m planning to do ACCA from lahore.i m interested to know which are the best colleges and what is their fee structure.thanx in advance.
As far as I know. Ernst & Young Intl. in Bahrain has arranged coaching for all three parts of ACCA. They charge BHD100/paper. You may contact their office for more details.


Thanks for the replies. i m doing AAT from Ernst n Young bahrain and seriously speaking they charge a lot.ACCA in bahrain will cost almost 800000 Rs, which for me is a big amount.thats the reason why i m planning to study from pakistan.
800000 per year or whole ? here it takes 50000 per semester (of 6 months)if you select 3 subjects including acca fee and twition fee excluding any other fee.
800000 Rs. is the fee for part 2 and part 3 papers excluding exemption fee.this is the case if u pass all the papers in first attempt.
Home tution available in abu dhabi for acca and cat students.
contact at 050 7612551
exam focused notes also available 4 sale
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