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Hi friends

Every one wants to join and complete his articleship from BIG 4. But not every one get a chance. I want to ask a question from you guys that which firm is good after big 4 for articleship purpose.

A friend of mine told me that Anjum Asim Shahid (Grand thorton) is better then any other after big 4. They have very reputed and big clients, the enviroument is good and they are doing quality work. The others are Ibrahim & co., Khalid Majid_______ & co.

So, I want your help in this regard, Which firm is better after big 4 ? please give your comments with rasons.

one more thing can any one tell me the names of anjum asim shahid & co's clients .

Thanks, really waiting for your reply.
you can get better response if you post under the "firms" section.

I think there has been a similar debate on this forum. Search on google with "you query"
Big3 is more an appropriate word if you talk in Pakistan content.

Different people have different views as regards how firms are ranked, and the situation varies from city to city.

In Lahore I would suggest it as follows


and then

4-Riaz Ahmad
5-M. Yousaf Adil
6-Hameed Ch
7-Anjum Asim

And, we have a whole lot of firms after that ie

8-Husain Ch.
9-S. M. Masood
10- BDO Ebrahim
11- Avais Haider
12- REhman Sarfraz
13- Mushataq & Co.
14- Fazal Mahmood & Co.
15- Syed Hussain
16- Gardezi

One thing I would like to tell is that I myself am a student, getting training from one of these aforementioned firms. This order may not be very much accurate as its just my view based on my information.

Mr. Kamran and other members having more indepth knowledge could be of more help


Shoaib's ranking appears to be good.

I only change it to the extent that M. Yousaf Adil Saleem and CO. at Lahore be placed after Hameed Chaudry and Hameed Chaudry be placed after Anjum Asim. So ranking at Lhr would appear as under

1. AFF
3. KTH
4. Riaz Ahmad
5. Anjum Asim
6. Hameed Chaudry
7. M. Yousaf Adil

However, I dont know current situation of Hameed Chaudry. Off course it was a good firm but due to rotation it has lost some audits.

At Islamabad, you can make it as under

M.Yousaf Adil
Anjum Asim
Riaz Ahmad
Khalid Majeed

Best regards,

I don't know much about Anjum Asim, my info is based upon some friends in there. I personally dislike that firm, strange sort of culture is in there. Only thing positive about it is its association

Hameed Ch just like FRSH has lost some clients due to rotation, and KPMG has derived maximum benifits out of it. Still it has got 20+ listed units. Another advantage or rather disadvantage of Hameed Ch is that it has got quite a small no of trainees (30) as compared to huge amount of work there. So, one may have a chance of good exposure there, or in other words will be over loaded by work. However, enter in there at your on risk
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