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Full Version: Which Course of Study to Join?
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I Hope all members are fine and enjoying good health.

I am qualified. I have passed my M.Com Examination in April 2005. After completion my master degree, I am working in a private organization. Now I want further study while continuing my current job but I am hesitating in choosing a course of study. Similarly, I am also scared that whether I shall be able continue further study with my current job as some people say that study with job is very difficult task.

I want to join an institution which can enhance my information regarding taxes and Laws in Pakistan.

I shall be thankful for reply.


Zurpk there are a whole lot of examples of people studying alongwith jobs, so its not a big deal. Quite some options are available, and it depends upon what you want to be
Thanks to All,

I want a prefessional degree. i want to join a course which contains income tax law, sales tax, company law etc. CFA is one of the best but it is very expensive.

Along with being pretty expensive, CFA is quite tough too
CA/PIPFA/ICMA are the cheapest.....

But i think that PIPFA has no market value.
PIPFA I guess has not got much market value. Its just a route to enter other professional qualifications.

You can't claim that CA is cheap. The time cost is also to be taken into account
I don't see any difficulty in studying alongwith doing your job regularly. If you could brief about your job profile then probably people over here will be able to suggest you properly.

With regards,
Mandar Thosar
Dear, go and join Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan
for further information visit
Imran would you throw some more light at Corporate Secretaries, and also the job possibilities after that