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Dear Friends
Let us discuss the concept of <b>Islamic Banking in Real Terms</b>

- What does it mean?

- What is Shariah's view point (Plz. Ref Qura'an and Sunna)?

- What are the modes?

- Whether the modes currently adopted by the banks are satisfatory and in accordance with Shariah?

- Which banks are following the true Islamic Banking System?

- Suggestions for improvements in current Islamic Banking System?(Plz Give Logical Suggestions)

- What are the responsibilities of Banks?

- What is the role of Commerce Students?

Please contribute and discuss on the thread, becasue it require considerable attention.

(Feel Free to Add Furhter Queries in Above Thread)

Nabeel Anwer
Islamic Banking mean "RIBA(Interest) FREE" banking also called Commodity based pakistan we have SHARRIAH BOARD under the supervision of "JAYYED ULEMA-E-KIRAM".....nearly 2-3% banks are opearting right now as islamic.....this Islamic Banking has become most famous in Malaysia and there nearly 15-20% banks have converted...
this is very nice thread started by Nabeel i will expected to post more detailed answers after my exams....
Why did we need a new thread for this, is'nt there one already

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