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Full Version: CFA help!!!
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salam all
I am currently doing ma CA articleship since the last four months.
I want to start with CFA soon. I have also cleared part I
I need some real advice if the idea of doing CFA is gud enough and how do i get started with....
i also want to know if i am eligible to take Level I exams in june '08.

i need the useful links and serious advice.i am also concerned if its only the banking and investment sectors where i can get job on the basis of CFA whether in pak or abroad! i want to avoid a job in a bank or related institutions due to interest.....!!!!

looking forward to serious replies!!!
thnx alot "mfahr"
dat was sum help i was looking for...
but cud u plz elaborate on da non-banking sectors hiring CFAs and wat is da scope of working in such industries or any example if u can quote(in pak or abroad)...

and any CA u know of who is doing or has done CFA alongside!

and lastly wat is da better combination
CA + CFA or

responses awaited!!!
is dere no one on da forum who can solve my query!!!
i need 2 make da decision ne 1 whos aware.....???
In Pakistan there are some options available for CFA's in Capital Market research. However all over the world there are several opportunities for CFA's. As far as combination is concerned MBA finance + CFA is one of the most popular combination.