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Full Version: Sir KAMRAN sahib PLEASE ANSWER
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Posted - Oct 22 2007 110656 AM

Dear Khani,

I could not understand how you concluded that I can think ICAP will reduce exemptions for ICAEW.

What appears to my apprehension is that you picked this point when I advised Safy to clear ICAP's two papers as early as possible, if he desires to be in practice.

While saying this, the intention behind was not a danger of any reduction in available exemptions. Rather, in my view, age has great impact on getting further qualifications. One should preferably do whatever he/she wants to do in as much earlier days, as much he/she can. Thats it. Yes, there are a number of men who have done so much in later days and are even keeping on doing so. Example is of Doctor Khawaja Amjad Saeed.

Anyways. It was not based upon any uncertainity regarding exemptions from ICAP. Rather, in my sole opinion, bi-lateral exemptions among various institutes will increase as the time will progress.

In my view, now UK qualified CA has to pass required papers of ICAP for becoming partner (any sort of partner) in local CA firms at Pakistan. In earlier days this requirement did not exist. You can see some aged fellows who never qualified such papers and are partners of so many firms. But now this condition has been imposed.



Sir is this of your view is about ICAP`s CA and ICAEW`s ACA or there is any place for ACCA as well?
Dear Khani,

I could not understand about which view you have inquired me.

If you are talking about getting further qualification, then yes, ACCAs can get further qualification either from ICAP or ICAEW. There is no mystery in it. If some ACCA qualifies from ICAP then he would certainly be eligible for being a partner in a professional firm.

Please go through the text of ur post and re-assess what you actually wish to know.

Best regards,