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Full Version: Comparative cost of living in Khi, Lhr and Isb
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After going thru that other topic regarding moving to another city for work/study, one thing which came into my mind was the comparative cost of living in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. I was hoping if ppl who have spent their time in more than one of these places would like to put some light on it. This can be especially helpful to students like Nadia who have to travel to these cities to work and study.

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Lahore u can get a good hostel shared by one person in Rs 1500-2000 and 2500 permnth and above for single person room.

Food is very abundant and cheap yet quality wise its good. One time meal costs abt Rs 30-50

Tutions are also easily available, negotiated and some installment thing.

Transport cost is like on avearge for Local transport i guess its Rs 3 per stop.I guess so

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I think that a host of factors determine the cost of living in any city

- Living independently in a hostel/shared flat/independent flat/portion, Vs. staying with a relative;
- Using public Conveyance Vs. personal conveyance,
- Eating-out, Vs. cooking by self/a cook

But, in any city, within Pakistan, the basic cost structure is more or less constant throughout Pakistan. i.e., if u're eating local food at work place the costs range b/w Rs. 30-70, but if u're ordering from a franchise chain it varies etc.

So, anybody familiar with the Cost of living in Pakistan in general, can work-out his/her Costs depending on the standard of living & affordability.

However, I can vouch for the fact that Karachi & Lahore both offer competitive public-transport facilities. Accomomdation of all levels,is also quite readily available (however some market research is necessary) in both cities. this is evident from a large no. of out-station students residing in these cities. Cant say much about Islamabad/RWP.


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AOA all, this is ahmer, well considering about cost of living in mentioned cities i think islamabad is the most expensive one and karachi and lahore are approx equal in cost of living. for me ( as i live in hyderabad) i think karachi is the best available option. what do u guys think??

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Can anyone tell me which place in karachi is best for living for students who come from outside. Condidering where most professional colleges are. Which place specifically which are cheap and eaasy to commute in and out . Any friendly place and easy to move from someone coming first time to karachi.

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I'm malaysian chinese,what is the living costs in Karachi, Pakistan...can any tell me about the rental, meals in Pakistan currency. the political issue? religion? is it safe to work there...very urgent..pls reply me at if you don't mind..thanks
As you are a malaysian chinese, you shudn't expect anything bad. We'll be having elections next year. The political condition is almost stable. nothing to worry about the religion. Its safe to work. If you look chinese, then people have great respect for chinese.

I think living will take atleast 6000 Rs. This includes everything, but thats a cheap living.
I was also hostelloid some time ago, & I used to live in two types of hostels in LAHORE for 2.5-3 years. One was MILLAN HOSTEL, TEMPLE ROAD, MOZANG CHUNGI, my expenses were approx Rs. 12,000 - Rs. 15,000 (p.m.) over there (hostel charges 2,500, & others more than 10,000 approx)
Second one was SEA BREEZE HOMES, Sher Shah Block, New Garden Town, LAHORE. my expenses were also approx Rs. 12,000 - Rs. 15,000 (p.m.) over there (hostel charges 4,500, & others more than 10,000 approx).

But, overall as far as LAHORE is concerned, it is cost-effective city for all kinds of students especially. Every one can survive easily here in LAHORE. (City Of Colleges & Institutes)
thats a good topic..but this is for lhr only...could anyone possibly inform me about the same costs for ISB?
hmmmmmmm mean isb and lhr are more or less equal in cost of living????
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