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Full Version: ICAEW with FRSH, Karachi
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Hello Everybody,

I'm an ACCA affiliate currently working as an Audit
Trainee with FRSH, Lahore.
I wish to pursue ICAEW and have contacted the karachi office (as they're
registered with the ICAEW)
and i was told that ones need to be qualified (CA/ACCA or wateve)
and 3 years training is required after which Karachi FRSH
offers the ICAEW traning contract.

Kamran Bhai, kindly ellaborate on all the requirements
to secure the training contract. I've heard that Karachi FRSH
offer an employment contract that comes with the training contract
and that's why 3 years exp is required. But that'd make it a total of
around 5 years training period.

Many Thanks.

Somewhere in last days I was busy in internal reviews of my office. ICAP is also in such process and one has to be ready beforehand. I therefore could not too much concentrate on ICAEW issues being secondary in importance at the moment.

We recently applied for ICAEW training organization status and may shortly be receiving it. At the moment I think there would hardly be a registered trainee of ICAEW at any firm in accordance with recent MOU. I have not so far heard about any kick off decisions.

I will find it out for you and post here after a week (the busy period). Till then you may continue to search it and also ask "INA" a member of this forum who wrote to ICAEW for clarifying this matter.



kamran bhai, though technobeavers and sarwars & co. do offer
ICAEW training contracts in lahore but u can well understand the
difference in exposures one gets in these firms and in the top4.

I'm in touch with the ICAEW and they've sent a list of registered firms to me. They say that the contract can be formed online but it's mainly two-step process
1)Provide them with the Training org's number they've allocated to their registered firms.
2)The firm agreeing to take the individual as an ICAEW trainee.

Though i'm not as desperate to obtain the contract cuz i've already applied for exemptions from the ICAP and would be entering into ICAP's contract soon.

But i need to be sure that if i really have to wait for 3 years to get the contract from FRSH, KArachi for ICAEW and secondly wish to know ALL the prerequisites for the contract.

and BTW, which firm u into? and wat's ur designation there? P

Almost 41 firms/offices have been registered for this purpose in Pakistan. A firm can register as a whole or for its each office.

Rest has to be explored by me.


ahan..kamran bhai, which firm u're associated with? and
may i know ur designation there?

We can discuss non-personal things.


Kamran. probs!!
can u just disclose that which city u in?
karachi, lahore or sumwhere else?

I am always there for you.

Cities and distances mean nothing.


KAMRAN. probs
I wonder why ...
Dear brother Hanif,

Can you plz apprise to which this "why" was directed to?

If it was on non-disclosing of city and firm, then this could be some personal reason but as a general reply I can explain you in short words.

CAs are few and people sitting in firms remain more visible to every one. On forums like this we are used to discuss and conclude so much which we cannot do in official context since forum is not official. Here people typically take one's personal statements as reflective of his official approach which may not be a fact. If one, being in practice, would use his name on such open discussions this could hinder his expression of open views and would ultimately undermine (put a cap on) his participation in forum activities. That's why it is not appropriate to tell every one which firm I am working for, what's my position and bala bala.

Even if all above understanding is wrong, I don't feel it wise to share personal information so widely. There's no worth in it.

Some of the forum members know me personally but they know it is not to be introduced without a reason.

Hope you would understand the reason.

Best regards,

i fully agree with karman bhai,
it's totally understandable!! )
KPMG Lahore has also got itself registered with the ICAEW
but the 3yr prior training requirement applies here too.

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