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Full Version: Canadian Elections: Lessons to Learn
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Dear Participants

Oct. 14, 2008, Canadians voted in Federal Elections. It was just a normal and regular day, just like all other days. No public holiday, no extra security measures, no police or army presence, no panic, no tension, no naray baazi, no firing, no bullets, no party songs, no murder, no scuffle, no blood shed etc. etc. Nothing unusual, just a simple regular working day.

Many Canadians voted at return from their jobs in evening, including myself. I saw only two very young volunteer college girls (probably in late teens or early twenties) as polling staff in the whole polling station. They asked for one photo ID and after confirming my name from voters list, gave me a ballot paper, at which I voted and placed in the box. No waiting, no line-up, no police, no party tents/camps, no govt. servants’ “baygaar” duties, no loudspeakers, no party vehicles, no candidate representatives, no army jeeps etc. The whole process took literally less than a minute. Most likely, those two young volunteer girls (the only polling staff) would receive a Letter of Appreciation from Election Department, Govt. of Canada for their valued social and community services, and also some compensation. Yes, their families would be proud on their contribution to society and community service. Polling lasted till 9 or 930 PM.

Next morning, public saw results which, parties accepted without reservations/ blames/ suspicions etc. The whole election campaign was run through media debates or probably indoor meetings. No outside processions, no traffic and city jams, no outside corner meetings, no candidate camps etc. All those one can see are candidates’ posters nailed in un-paved land/ green belts here and there, for each of which, each candidate is responsible to take off right after election. So, no wall chalking, no defacement of private or public property by posters or wall chalking etc.

If a candidate or party would do any of above acts, would actually be responsible for losses, would tarnish reputation, and would not win not only in ensuing but all future elections. Reputation prevails. Canadians vote based on work done by a candidate or party, and not based on personal love to someone. They don’t believe on dynasty of leaders. They vote based on who is better for the country and for them, not based on provincial/ tribal/ baradri/ language affiliations. They know political parties and candidates are for their service, and not the public is for the service of political parties or candidates. Parties/ candidates know that if they would not listen to public, they simply cannot get into power next time. Existing government, bureaucracy, army, or any other department can not interfere. Public know their rights and power and exercise these. No one can take away their rights.

Wajid Khan, a Pakistani Canadian, Member of last Federal Parliament (from Mississauga, a city adjacent to Toronto with huge desi/ Pakistani population) and former advisor to PM, also retired Sqn. Leader of PAF and fighter pilot, lost his seat this time. He did floor crossing in last govt. and left opposition Liberal party (at which ticket he won last election) to join Conservative (ruling) party. Perhaps he forgot that public of his riding casted vote based on his party, and not based on his name or ethnicity. He tarnished his reputation by crossing floor (or as per Pakistani politics slang, by becoming a “lota”), thus, saw public wrath this time.

Some other South Asians won their seats.

Let's see, how many more years Pakistani nation would take to perform simple tasks.



Above is indeed an example to follow, perhaps we cannot compare South Asian nation with those western civilized societies, it'll take decades for us to behave decently as the others do, i believe among number of other countless reasons, top of all is the lack of education which most south Asian Societies are suffering from, WEST has developed itself after a long evolutionary process (and NOT the REVOLUTIONARY) process, change always comes gradually and slowly, it takes decades & sometimes centuries to develop a well mannered decent nation.

We (as a nation) at first are supposed to accept our own mistakes we've been doing for centuries, Monarchies, dictatorships, corruptions, HATE for the other nations (especially for non-Muslims), useless-protests, JALSA JULOOS type politics, etc are the recognition of our nations residing in South Asian block,

We must transform our societies with the true humanitarian values, education, Love for everyone (irrespective of creed, language, ethnicity) etc.

Unless we stop making "others" responsible for our problems we cannot progress in this world as well as the hereafter, the improvement starts when we realize and held <font color="red"><b>O-U-R-S-E-L-V-E-S</b></font id="red"> responsible for whatever hardships we are facing in our countries, <b>there is NO YAHOODI, NASARA, HINDU destroying us</b>, it is actually US (NOT U.S) destroying our own nation by our own Arrogant, Indecent Furious Un-realistic and impractical behavior.

And yea it’ll take time…<font color="red"><b>there is no SHORT-CUT</b></font id="red">!


Dear EnslavedSpirit

Can we knock on the door and talk to the leader of opposition party? Please see the picture on following link. Moreover, article mentions one of the reasons of not leaving party leadership after loss of seats in this election is because he is under debt of Cad $ 230,000 (less then Pak. Rs. 2 Karor). Probably, he needs some consultation from politicians and businessmen in back home to learn how to get rid of debts. Or seems like many of house owners in Nazimabad, Karachi are richer than leader of opposition party (or a potential candidate for Canadian PM office if his party had won majority of seats) of one of G8 countries.


Dear EnslavedSprit

Though this post is not related to elections in Canada, but I thought it might be interesting for some of the people.

As of Oct 14, 08, there have been 59 murders in Toronto since Jan 1, 08. Keep in view GTA (Greater Toronto Area) has population of 5.5 Million (55 Lakh) people with background from all parts and countries of the world. News of a murder comes on front pages of leading newspapers in Toronto. No doubt if it is one of the safest cities in the world. Crime rate is quite low. Please see the news on following web-link.


Some other interesting statistics about Toronto may be viewed at City of Toronto's official website.




<b>Dear Toronto_Boy;</b>
Thanks for sharing the above links, the statistics are indeed informative!



All Punjabi MPs in Canada get elected.

News Source

Toronto, Oct 16 (IANS) It is balle-balle time for over half a million Punjabis in Canada as all the nine Indian-Canadians elected as MPs in Tuesday's election are of Punjabi origin. In fact, the new parliament now has three turbaned Sikh MPs as Tim Uppal of the ruling Conservative Party joins Gurbax Malhi and Navdeep Bains of the opposition Liberal Party in the 308-member House of Commons.

Uppal, the 34-year-old Canadian-born property investor, has been elected from Edmonton Sherwood Park for the first time.

Another first-time Punjabi MP is Devinder Shory who has been elected from Calgary Northeast, beating two fellow Indian-Canadians - Sanam Kang of the Liberal Party and Vinay Dey of the New Democratic Party (NDP).

Shory, who is a practising lawyer in Calgary, previously tried his luck in the Alberta provincial elections.

Malhi, who was the first turbaned Sikh to become an MP in Canada in 1993, is back in parliament for the sixth time.

"The secret of my success are my diverse constituents - 50 percent of whom are white. I listen to them, I am where they want me to be and I raise their concerns in parliament," Malhi told IANS after his record victory.

Expressing happiness over the election of another turbaned Sikh, he said "It is good to have more of our people in positions of importance. Tim Uppal's election is good news for us. He will help spread the message about ourselves - who we are."

In his new term, Malhi said, his priority is to facilitate Canadian visas for visitors from Punjab.

"Right now, the Canadian office in Chandigarh does not issue visas to most people. I introduced a motion on the issue in parliament last year for a bond system and I will do it again now," he said.

The six-time MP said he will also introduce a motion to check fraud marriages by Indian-Canadians in Punjab.

"The motion will make it mandatory that if someone goes to Punjab to get married and bring his or her spouse, he or she should not be allowed to remarry for five years if they divorce after coming to Canada," he said.

Deepak Obhrai, who was a parliamentary secretary in the last government, recorded his fifth victory in Calgary East seat, securing 66.5 percent of the vote.

Chandigarh-educated Obhrai, who is expected to be given a higher position when Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces his new team soon, said "It is up the prime minister to decide. I am not sure about anything because there are many contenders."

Canada's first Indian-origin MP Nina Grewal was elected for the third time from Fleetwood-Port Kells in British Columbia province, as was fellow Punjabi Ruby Dhalla from Brampton-Springdale on the outskirts of Toronto.

Navdeep Bains retained Mississauga Brampton South and Sukh Dhaliwal Newton-North Delta for the Liberal Party.

Former Canadian health minister Ujjal Dosanjh managed to win by only 779 votes in Vancouver South, securing 16,774 votes as against 15,995 by Wai Young of the ruling party.

"We (Punjabis) are more than half a million among 33 million Canadians. To have nine Punjabi-origin MPs in the 308-member parliament is our big achievement," said Balwant Sanghera of the Punjabi Language Education Association (PLEA) in British Columbia.

Dear Enslavedspirit,

Your first post on this thread is a realistic over-view of the facts. I appreciate it.

At the same time I feel you will soon be called agent of other undesired forces/agencies.

Best regards,

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<br />
Dear Enslavedspirit,

Your first post on this thread is a realistic over-view of the facts. I appreciate it.

At the same time I feel you will soon be called agent of other undesired forces/agencies.

Best regards,

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You are right![)]

But there is no other way otherthen building nation on Realistic-Ground with positive values, otherwise there are many who are selling hatred and still expecting it will cultivate love!
i don't know how!