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Faisal Karim from Karachi through Daily Nawai-e-Waqat of 02 November 2008 questions to the president of National Bank of Pakistan what happened to the Literary Books Awards worth Rs. 0.5 million for which nominations the bank sought early 2007. Faisal appears to be not updated. The President of National Bank himself on himself last year awarded Rs. 5 million from the account holders money towards “some” efficient work he did and of which Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Khan took suo moto note of and for the sin of taking interest in the loot of national monies Iftikhar Choudhry was packed home. Faisal should also update himself that Bank representative very proudly before Justice Iftikhar corrected the facts that it was totally misleading that Bank President took Rs. 5 million rather he merely took an award of half of that. The Rs. 0.50 million of literary award must have gone into that Rs. 5 or Rs. 2.5 million.