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I have no interest with politics and as such have never joined any political party. The most of the parties I feel are family private trusts and not political parties. From my childhood I heard from the then elders that Sarhadee Ghandi (Khan Ghaffar Khan) and later Khan Wali Khan wanted to separate from Pakistan. I do remember from my childhood vivid memories that once or twice like our Abdul Sattar Edhi left Pakistan for Kabul. However now in my this reaching old age I am admirer of the ANP that whatever may be its political philosophy it always stood to its principle.

Last year when Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Choudhary and his other brother judges were locked inside the judges colony the present ANP President Asfand Wali Yar too arrived outside judges colony gate as. Sitting in a TV channel the same evening referring to his morning presence quoted a Pashto proverb which he then translated “I went to him in pain that he would dry my tears but he himself was in greater pain”. He then explained that he went there as a protestor because he had all hopes from the Chief Justice but if he himself was face injustice then how can he deliver justice to Asfandyar hence to see Choudhary free for the future interest it was his national moral and civic duty to join the protest.

My six monthly bank statement never is received timely. Each six month I start a ritual first writing and then reminding the National Bank of Pakistan Branch about it. As usual failing then I start ritual of approaching the Head Office of the Bank followed by numerous reminders then when I get a copy of the statement. When Banking Mohtasib was established in July 2005 I filed a complaint about this matter. The banking mohtasib informed me that in future for any complaints I should contact a particular Sr. Vice President in the NBP President Secretariat who would personally attend to my all future complaints. About my lost Dividends and each six monthly disappeared statement since about two years both by postmail as well as by emails but as usual never ever to get any response.

Early this year I addressed the banking mohtasib entitling my complaint as “IF HEAD OFFICE OF A BANK DOES NOT GIVE RESPONSE THEN WHY WOULD A BRANCH MANAGER?. It is now to my memories more than 8-10 months during which I have repeatedly approached the Banking Mohtasib to know progress on my this complaint but without even an initial acknowledgement. Under the law immediate and invariable acknowledgment of a communication from public is binding on every person drawing a salary from the national exchequer. But perhaps those who advise others to act on rule/procedure or have been assigned the authority to take note of administration wrongs of others have taken it on themselves that they themselves are exempt from provisions of such advices or procedure. The point to ponder is why should it be any strange if a Head Offices itself does not give response when a Mohtasib having jurisdiction over this Head Office himself does not give response and himself acts an act of mal administration. It reminds of Asfandyar if he (the ombudsman himself is behind locked doors i.e., does not himself gives response to a complainant who complains about non response by Head Office a Bank thus himself committing an act of mal administration then how can morally he take notice of administrative wrong committed by the said Bank Head Office?