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Since we started journey towards the modern enlightenment and imported a consumer expert as our Prime Minister we the poor commoners are pick pocketed under one label or the other new method. All progress, achievement of more than targets, high figures of government earning attributed to good polices in fact all the charisma from our pockets only. For example with holding tax, novel idea of levy of tax if more than Rs. 25,000 withdrawn from the bank, courier service and clearance charges by banks even though within Karachi clearance is done through SBP Clearance House and no courier service is involved etc.

Gas was slightly leaking from outside of my house. While sitting in the evening outside our main gate in the street since too long gas was smelt of which I was in fact no aware of being resident abroad. Just talking generally my kid this time told me that sitting in the evening outside is not easy. When I talked my family they told me it was since very long but it is very mild hence not noticeable. My family as part of the general society we lived in did not give it importance as gas leakage was outside the house well before from our gas meter hence this leakage was not being measured as consumed gas hence why to care. But as a conscientious citizen that this leakage was a national loss and could any time pose a thread I recently informed Sui Southern Gas Company Karachi which attended to it doing whatever was needed and thanked me for bringing the matter to their notice.

However for my being conscientious and civic minded they have penalized me with a charge of Rs. 200/- towards “Service Raised” and replacement of gas regulator. What “service raised” at least I can not understand. The is same technique under which by a small fine print banks credit card companies and others cheat the public. Part of the delivery/service system from utility main network to the consumer meter or in apparatus is always the property, jurisdiction and responsibility of concerned utility company. For example electricity department right from pole to start of meter rectifies all faults and replaces wires conductors at their won. Telephone department right from Cabinet to pole and then to phone apparatus replaces all wiring or hinges at its own cost. The same thing I saw living abroad. Right from underground gas main to the meter end or at least the system enter before my house wall is responsibility of SSGC and in case they have replaced a 40 year old out lived piece of their own pipe it should be their responsibility. As a conscientious citizen of course I will struggle to my last for recovery of this immorally charged Rs. 250/- even by spending Rs. 1500 on complaints, correspondence etc with concerned authorities and with the PM President Secretariat who claim to be different from the previous governments even yet I do not have any hope of success. My only hopes are attached to the return of My Loardship Chief of Pakistan Honourable Mr. Justice Iftikhar Choudhary. For my Iftikhar Choudhary is not a person or a name but a new concept seen by this society of we the commoners.