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"The Post" has on aired a news which is copied below

Money guru may be killed?

UK e-paper reports Kalia can be eliminated

The Post Report

LONDON Munaf Kalia, one of directors of the Khannani and Kalias International, might be killed in custody after a recent financial scandal, The London Post quoting senior security officials reported on Sunday.

The e-paper reported that someone informed the family that Kalia could be eliminated in the government custody and presented as suicide.

This leak could be linked to further pressurise the Memon business community but can be serious due to the involvement of high-profile elite in the flight of capital from Pakistan , it said.

It is quite common in Pakistan that witnesses of the high-profile cases have been eliminated. For example, Karachi Police Inspector Haq Nawaz Sial, witness in Murtaza Bhutto case, was killed by unknown gunmen and more recently Khalid Shenshah, chief security officer of late Benazir Bhutto, was killed in Karachi, according to the paper.

"But there are also reports that a secret deal with Kalia has been struck and his arrest has served many purposes to score political points," the paper said. It is the duty of the State Bank to demand the list of names of people who transferred money abroad urgently and release to the public.

Over 400 international transactions are linked with the MQM party whose international headquarters is in London , according to the paper. That made the MQM circles very nervous and hasty announcement of the Micro Finance Bank was also linked with Kalia's arrest, the paper reported.


Big names are at stake at here, if the Govt. is really interested in bringing people to Justice heads must role and Kalia could be a state witness

We have a history of mysteriously killing the witnesses to important cases and specially the state witnesses. May God save Kalia this time.



there is nothing going to happen maati pao all big fish involved in it so just chill chill just [D]
i think we should not only think over these issues but try to invent such measures which being public we should adopt to prevent these things