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Full Version: PIA SHARE SO HUGE!!!
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PIA MD Office recently on 9/11/2008 has issued a 12 point official clarification on the recent press criticisms. One item in this clarification says that PIA’s market share as compared to other carriers is increase from 40.8 percent to 41.6 per cent on international sectors in 2008, an increase of 0.9 percent.

Gulf air fare are more than PIA. Gulf Air operated 6 shuttles flights a week (one daily for 6 days) Bahrain-Karachi-Bahrain. For getting a seat even in normal days one needs to wait. On the other hand PIA has only half a flight per week Karachi-Bahrain-Karachi. Reading word “half” a flight one might doubt on my mental condition but it is a fact. Weekly only shuttle flight leaves Karachi en-route stopping at Doha. 50% seating is reserved from Doha and 50% for Passengers from Bahrain. Thus this is a half weekly flight even that mostly except during seasons leaves with much vacant capacity. Two years back while I was constantly on waiting list while in the plane traveling Karachi/Bahrain there we were only 9 passengers in wide bodied aircraft. We have no national tradition to give a research investigative study to know reason. PIA is for the last about 20 years factually in losses. There needs the rulers if they are really sincere towards the ailing airline to hire services of Ansar Abbasi to conduct a study to diagnose cause of this continuous ailment but I would in that case wish he starts from visiting Bahrain. One thing as a senior citizen I can say sure is that he would amongst other would find the Degree Holders Illiterates seniors being posted and sent abroad. After traveling as a frequent flyer exclusively by PIA for continuous twenty three years, two years back I discarded it completely.

Mr. Javed,

I can see the patriotism and feeling of grief, over the in-efficient behaviours, in your post. I wonder when the responsible ones will come to know what responsibilities they have.


I am currently auditing PIA, Auditors have been pointing out the need for a operational and management audit for quite a while. PIA just a pension scheme for 22,000 employees who do nothing and cannot be laid off.