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KESC last month billed my residence Account No. 0707706450013 Consumer No. AL148880 for the month of November 2008 almost 2000 units in excess of the actual meter reading the day Bill was received. My too old father the subscriber went to KESC as usual to get advice submit an application which in simple words means pay now to avoid disconnection, rest will be seen later. Being an ordinary man not like Amin Fahim perforce the Bill was paid. Now December 2008 Bill has been received showing meter reading “N/A” and bill has been for an exhorbitant amount. Why N/A reading because no one came to read the meter. The KESC thus in fact is swindling not merely for excessive unit but in fact towards not applicable sales tax, surcharge, this and that because when in next 3-4 months someone from KESC will take pains in having actual meter reading, the adjustment though would be made but no refund/adjustment towards withholding tax which has already gone to income tax, sales tax gone to sales tax department. I think such tactics are only to meet the requirements of recently 35-40 hefty salaries advisers/executives inducted in the KESC. I await and pray when My Lordship Mr. Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Choudhary will come back on his seat. I have no confidence on any NEPRA, any ombudsman etc but till then can only pray ALLAH the Great. Under the new management the webmaster and other heavy paraphernalia of the so called foreign investors company are getting huge salaries but for the last two months On Line Duplicate Billing facility has not been updated.