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Mohsin Malik, a Pakistani, recently came Pakistan to visit his family but his visit turned out a bigger fiasco than he had imagined (DAWN 01 January 2009). The medicine he needed was not available. There was no gas for motorbikes, the PIA was mismanaged in handling his baggage as it used old tagging system which since living in Dubai he did not like, the only road read to the airport was broken. There were vendors everywhere.. Usually when he goes to any other country his camera is always with him and he takes about 200 pictures every country he visits. He did not take any picture in Lahore as nothing was “worth” taking.

Mohsin is a Pakistani, got education in Pakistan on subsidized expense of the “dirty” citizens of Pakistan, was able to go to his Dubai heaven only on strength of a Pakistani Passport. I wonder if his parents, family, friends and relatives whom he came visiting were of any “worth”.

this is very confusing [0]
may kaa karay?