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Full Version: Confused what to choose. Suggetions Required
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Dear All

Hope this post find everyone in good health. I am a FSc student and going to finish my FSC this year.

I decided to go for ACCA or CA for my further studies. I was already confused between choosing the two but after going through the forum "ACCA vs CA" i am now hitting my head to the walls...

here are my few related questions...
<b>1)</b> If i go for ACCA, what i have to do after ACCA to become CA...
<b>2)</b> If i go for CA, what i have to do after CA to become ACCA...
<b>3)</b> I dont know in future i will be working in pakistan or abroad... but there are 90% chance that i will be working in Pak. If i go for CA and then if i get a chance to go abroad what will i have to do... do i have to go for exam of respective county...
<b>4) How this financial problems in the world going to effect CAs and ACCAs in the future... i mean i would be finishing my studies after 4-6 years means somewhere between 2013-2015... in that time would this financial issues going to be finish or not....... how should i see my career.....

I am asking all this because i need to decide and answer of these questions defiantly motivate me for my further studies.
Regards and thanks in advance,
Dear Naveed,
Yes you are right that after going through this forum you will be hitting your head just because of some people who want to degrade ICAP and nothing else.


1)If you go for ACCA and after completeing your ACCA you will exempted from module A-D of CA(ICAP) and you need to do articleship of 3 1/2 years with module E and F.

2)If you go for CA(ICAP) you will exempted all the papers of ACCA.

3)And if you have 90% chance to do job in Pakistan then it really good for you to go for CA(ICAP) and after completing your CA(ICAP you can go for ACA(ICAEW) in which you just have to give 4 papers and 2 yrs job experience and you will become the member of "INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS OF ENGLAND AND WALES"(ICAEW)

And as far as financial problems are concerned there will be no big impact on CA's and ACCA's in the future INSHALLAH,while doing CA(ICAP) you don't have to be so much consious about your career once you qualified CA and you get the high paid job.

Salaries of other professional are generally end where the salaries of Chartered accountants start so keep this thing in your mind.
dear mr naveed it is best to do the qualification that meets market demand of the country where u live or where u have 90% chances of workng.

dont rely on this forum or any other forum as there might be fake ca's and acca's as well giving false information. better go to an educational counsler if u remain in doubts.
Dear Naveed

Information provided by faizee are partially incorrect.And no one i sdegrading ICAP. People are just telling truth about ICAP.

If you do ACA from ICAP and then want to do ACCA, you have to pass ACCA 5 papers ACCA will only exempted you from its 9 papers.

Secondly after ACCA its more easy to become ICAEW or ICAI(Ireland) as compared to becomming ICAEW member after ICAP.

I can point about more things in faizee post, but I do not want to start any other debate. ACCA is recognised 80 countries of the world and working 160 countries of the world. ICAP is only recognised in Pakistan and ICAP members are mainly only working in Pakistan. No other country recognise ICAP.


Can you see how ICAP members and especially students misguide new students

dear naveed

to start you career in pakistan i advise you to do CA(ICAP). and if you intend to settle abroad somewhere in future then ACCA would be the best option.. besides being a good qualification for working abroad ACCA will let you get some good exemptions from other professional bodies..
such as
and few more..

FAIZEE's answer to your 2nd question is absolutely wrong.
ACCA never exempts anyone from all of it's papers. ACCA's part3 (PROFESSIONAL LEVEL) is compulsory to pass.

im surprised by faizee's answer... anyways..

As said by rabia... refer educational counsler or any senoir person in this profession whom you know personally..

best Regards,
dear all ACCA students please dont visit the blog given by mr hasaan. better refer to the accaglobal website for past papers. some of the links to past papers in his blog r not working.
Dear All

thank you for your answeres. Can anyone please let me know is it compulsory to do CAT for ACCA.... can we not do ACCA after F.Sc Pre engineering.

Dear Naveed

Minumum entry requirement to register with ACAA is A-Levels or 2 yrs Bachelor bachelors from Pakistan. In short to register with ACCA one need education of 13 yrs. A-Levels means education of 13 yrs, whereas Fsc means education of 12 yrs. So you cannot register with ACCA after Fsc, either you do 2 or 4 yrs bachelors of CAT after Fsc.

I will advise you to do Bachelors instaed of CAT.

mr naveed first of all stop reading the ACCA vs CA debate. 2nd ignore propoganda against ACCA

if u are above 21yrs (if u r born in 1983 u definitely can) then u can join through ACCA's MSER (mature student entry route). the only difference is that u will have to pass papers F2 and F3 first to be transferred to the ACCA professional qualification. ACCA give MSER students 2 yrs to do so.

it only depends on how serious u r about ure studies. and please dont take advise from people who are "NOT" ACCA'S.

to know about all the ACCA's entry routeS visit


the website describes MSER AS

<b>Mature Student Entry Route (MSER)
Normally over age 21
no academic qualifications required
must pass the equivalent of Papers F2, Management Accounting and F3, Financial Accounting within two years before further progression to the ACCA exams is permitted.</b>

if u r still in doubts then please write to - this is the ACCA CONNECT address for students, ure enquiry will definetly be replied to but u should atleast wait for a week for the reply.

can u tell us in which city r u ?? u can visit this link for all the ACCA offices in pakistan.


If U R NOT ABOVE 21 then u wil have to do cat or a degree.better u go through the above link for entry routes
Thanks Rabia-K

I am only 18 years of age and in Islamabad.
then dear u will have to go for or cat. acca has an office in islamabad , if u have checked the above link, it has the address.

good luck
i just want to say one thinq ACCA is not earning-degree IN PAKISTAN. ACCA`s can only become a teacher in PAKISTAN. when u making decision should also consider the other factors.

And dont make decision on base of this discussion.

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