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Assalam-o-Alaikum All Members,

Please help me and guide me!

I graduated from sheikh Zayed Islamic center in 1998? Due to bad planning, some very bad decisions made by me and some domestic financial problems I got stick to one job for last 7 years, which is of mediocre administrative and accounts job in nature. I could not adopt a career path as I had no particular direction, because of my what may we call it my foolish nature and thinking.

Struggling to do well, I took the admission in Virtual University’ MBA (Finance), I have cleared it, only I have to submit my final project, which is to be submitted in 3 to 4 months.

I want from all members please guide me, help me and tell me what should I do now to get another job and pursuing career in accountancy field? And the way to the right track of my MBA (FINANCE) based career.

hey yar dont be pessimist...
MBA(finance) is a degree not a small certificate ...
tumhari interview tumhain achi job daigi ...
and if u r really gonna to do accounts ..
the i will recommend ICMAP course ..
that abit short than CA ...
that abit short than CA ... yeah right!! /
Is this virtual univ that you are attending an accredited institute? If it is not you probably are wasting your money. Experience is experience after all. It doesn't matter if it was for 7 years as long as you have good references and good job reports. It shows you were disciplined and consistent. You didn't mention your undergrad degree major. Was it accounting, finance, general arts? In normal circumstances MBA is good for promotion, which I have stressed over and over again in other forums, that it is only worth it if done from a good school. Did you take GMAT before your MBA? If you are considering career in accounting, do you have solid background in quantitative skills? Go to and start preparing yourself from an international perspective. Try to focus on what you like and what you can do rather than what you should be doing. I don't much about these accounting certifications but any solid certification in your field will help you get ahead and stand out from crowd. Good Luck!
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