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Full Version: MI-6 Agent (S.Taseer) Exposed.....
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British MI-6 collaborator in Pakistan, Governor Panjab Mr. Salman Taseer is busy in his "PRANKS", while our nation is seeing the worst moments of our history.


Salman Taseer Drinks, on the rocks.


Muffakir-e-Islam, Allama Muhammad Iqbal(R.A) once said;

Jaffer Az Bengal, Sadiq Az Deccan.
Nang-e-Deen, Nang-e-Millat, Nang-e-Watan.

<b><u>IMPORTANT NOTE</u></b> The objective to post above links is just to expose Salman Tasser, it has nothing to do with his daughter and son. Please do not take it as my intervention in their personal life. Just see Salman Taseer's pictures. I just want to expose him, no other intention was desired. I am not in favor of posting photos of his family members.
These have been doing the rounds for some time, but how does it make him an MI6 agent ?
Dear Pracs,

I am not saying him an MI-6 agent because of his character. I have read an interview of former DG-ISI Lt.Gen® Hameed Gul where he said that Salman Taseer works for MI-6. Salman Taseer is just one pawn amongst many other pawns. I will give you just two examples on how our country has been penetrated by these foreign moles/pawns. You have probably heard the name of Mahmoud Ali Durrani, former chairman of NSC (National Security Council), his integrity has always been suspicious in Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies since his alleged involvement in the crash of Gen Zia's C-130. Top brass of Pakistan Army always suspect him as CIA mole but they have never found any concrete evidence of this. However, his activities remain suspicious. His links with CIA became apparent when he was fired from office by PM Gillani and on that Sunday, which is an off day in Islamabad, American Ambassador Ann W Paterson fought tooth to nail with Zardari and Gillani to restore Durrani back in National Security Council. During interrogation, Durrani confessed that he has been assigned some tasks by American CIA. Mahmoud Durrani is also an active member of Zionist funded Balusa Group of Shirin TaherKheli, which is working on notorious track II diplomacy channel to undermine Pakistani interests in Hindu Occupied Kashmir. Balusa group is funded by Zionists' Rockefeller's foundation. Rockefeller family is a Zionist family with 53% holding in American Reserves Bank. For further information on this conspiracy read http//

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"> Sunday, April 06, 2008
ISLAMABAD Foreign Minister <b>Shah Mehmood Qureshi</b> has detached himself from the little known Balusa Group, a <b>Track II</b> initiative involving well known Pakistanis and Indians, <b>funded by an American</b>, <b>Shirin Taherkheli</b>.

A spokesman at the Foreign Office when asked said that since Qureshi had taken charge as the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, he no longer remained connected to the Balusa Group.

Another prominent Pakistani, <b>Major General (retd) Mahmud Ali Durrani</b>, who will take charge as the National Security Adviser, has also been part of Balusa, but it is not known whether he would still be part of this initiative after he took over as ambassador to the United States and now after his new charge in Islamabad.

Some of the others are Syed Babar Ali, General Farrakh Khan, Shaharyar Khan and Toufiq Siddiqi. On the Indian side, some of the members are General Satish Nambiar, Kuldip Nayar, Raja Mohan, Bharat Bhushan and Salman Haidar. A <b>former RAW</b> official is also part of this group.

Toufiq Siddiqi is an environmentalist and energy expert based in Hawaii and Shirin Tahirkheli, his sister, with support from the United Nations Development Programme and the <b><font color="red"><u>Rockefeller Foundation</u></font id="red"></b>, brought together a group of Indian and Pakistani generals, politicians, bureaucrats and others to discuss ways to bring "sense and direction" to the India-Pakistan relationship.

This loose gathering that came to be known as the Balusa Group, is named after two adjacent villages in the Pakistani Punjab.

In a July-August 2005 interview with the Nepalese magazine Himal, Durrani was asked how he got involved in lobbying for transnational natural gas pipelines in the Central and South Asian region. He replied, "Shirin Tahirkheli (now in-charge at the State Department for the UN reform effort) is really the 'mother hen' of all this. I was still in service when I told her of wanting to retire and devote my life to promoting India-Pakistan peace. Within two years, she and her brother Toufiq (Siddiqi) had organised a group of Pakistanis and Indians to discuss energy cooperation. I attended the first meeting with the backing of the Pakistan military. There was a feeling that we needed peace. There was even an ex-RAW chief in our group."

However, DG Institute of Strategic Studies, Dr Shirin Mazari, is skeptical about the Balusa group and says, "The Americans have increased their intrusive activities on all fronts. We have had rising Predator and missile attacks from across the international Pakistan-Afghanistan border even as US-linked/supported personnel continue to occupy positions in the corridors of power. The Balusa Group members funded through an American, Shirin Taherkheli, are a key US investment in Pakistan's power echelons that continue to pay dividends for the US, and this is only one of the many influence-generating channels."

Dr Ayesha Siddiqua, an independent strategic and political analyst, who seldom agrees with Mazari, recently noted that "The PPP selected Washington's dream team to run foreign relations and national security. One is not sure that appointing Durrani as the National Security Adviser will do the job. The appointment (of Durrani) is in consideration of the general's close ties with the US Pentagon. Not to mention the fact that Durrani owes his intellectual growth to Shirin Tahirkheli, a Bush administration adviser and former senior official of the UN National Security Council". <hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></font id="quote"></blockquote id="quote">

<font color="red">Because of leaking secret information to Indian Intelligence Agencies, <b>Maj. Gen ® Mahmud Durrani</b> is also known as <b>"GENRAL SHANTI"</b> in Indian armed forces.</font id="red">

Second Example relates to Kala Bagh Dam Project which has almost been abandoned by current CIA-funded democratic government. In our history there was the time when field marshal Ayueb khan holds the presidency and Z.A. Bhutto holds the position of foreign minister, at that time a project was under consideration. It was Kala Bagh Dam Project. The project passed through every stage very easily but when it reached to the finance minister of that time, Mohammed Shuaib, he dismissed that project by saying that our country can not bear such a huge expense. Latter it was found that he was working for CIA and it was the CIA that originally tasked him to dismiss that project. Now, you can think how our country has been penetrated at the top by these American/Zionists funded defectors. All of the politicians of Pakistan are defectors and foreign moles we should keep our country clean from the "NAJASAT" of these Zionists funded politicians.

Wassalam & Duago,

Muhammad Amir


While there is nothing out of the world to agree on above, because we are among the most salable people over the globe, I feel one day you may come to know similar things about Gen. Hameed Gul. Rest assured. They are CHATTA BATTAs of same THAILEE.


Dear Mr Kamran,

If you are saying that Lt.Gen ® Hameed Gul was working FOR some foreign powers then I assure you that yes he was working in collaboration WITH American CIA at the time of Afghan Jihad. At that time Pakistan's strategic partnership with America was in the best national interest of Pakistan. Let me explain you why it was in our national interests? I told you in my previous posts that there were three beneficiaries of Afghan Jihad; 1)Pakistan, 2)America and 3)Afghans. On the other hand there were two genuine losers of that war, 1) Soviets and 2) Indians.

Defeat of Soviets was in favor of America because of non-polarization of power and perhaps for the accomplishment of their Masonic NWO (New World Order).

For Afghans, defeat of Soviets provides them liberation from external invaders.

For Pakistan, defeat of soviets had four strategic benefits. Had Soviets been able to won that war in Afghanistan their next target would have been Pakistan.

<li> Soviets had their full operational plan to gain access to GAWADAR port because GAWADAR port remains operational for complete 12 months while sea ports of Central Asia and Russia (Soviet Union of that time) were only available to them for 6 months and that was the trade barrier for soviets.</li>
<li> Indian Romance with Soviets may have caused troubles for Pakistan. Soviets' Darling, India has always been hostile to Pakistan.</li>
<li> Dream of PAKHTOON secessionists (ANP and those who are the promoters of "Greater Pakhtonistan") to disintegrate Pakistan may became true. ANP leaders have always been hostile to Pakistan, they are pro-Soviets and pro-Indian fascists. </li>
<li> Pakistan had to deploy several thousand armed forces on both Eastern and Western boarders. Due to this extra deployment, Pakistan had to bear extra expenses which in turn burdened poor tax payers of Pakistan.</li></ul>

So, it was actually Pakistan that gained numerous benefits from Afghan Jihad.<ul>
<li> We had installed a pro-Pakistani Taliban regime in Afghanistan that had killed each and every Indian interest from Afghanistan.</li>
<li> Issue of Durand line had been buried by Taliban forever.</li>
<li> Pakhtoon fascists and secessionists were defeated by Taliban Mujahedeen.</li>
<li> Afghanistan had almost become 5th province of Pakistan and it was this Lt. Gen Hameed Gul whose warriors had done so.</li>
<li> Kashmir Jihad was at its peak at that time and we were close to capture our 6th province, Kashmir.</li></ul>


American orchestrated 9/11 has turned things against Pakistan and now Pakistan is paying the huge price for that. You know. HIGH RETURNS ARE CONFINED TO HIGH RISKS.

I am not going into any long debate. You are praising the things which have been proven materially wrong by the time ultimately. One cannot live isolatedly in the world and the solution is not so simple as it is construed.

So many such people had remained involved in drugs business, although it cannot be proved by documentary evidences by an individual. Afghanistan was most interesting place for them. Do you know what emoluments an army general is supposed to get (specially in those earlier days) and can you conclude that such Rehmatullah Aleh generals were able to leave properties and assets worthing billions of rupees for their sons and daughters. One such FAATEH Afghanistan was Gen. Akhter Abdul Rehman. Check out how many sugar mills and other assets he left for his sons who also studied at USA. Do you feel Army generals have such salaries to send their sons to USA? All other Rehmatuallah Aleham and going to be Rehmatuallh Aleham were/are materially of same category. No one gives explanation of his wealth.

I, therefore, said that might you one day come to know some other facts about the people on the other side of the table. As Pracs said, there is nothing black and white at the moment.


Dear Mr. Kamran,

I will not materially disagree with you. Dear brother, Army is an organization like many other organizations, it has its own salary and bonus structure like so many other organizations. Army (as an organization) has given so many bonuses to these top brass officers. It is not necessary that if army officers are rich then they must have plundered the wealth of nation.

As far as former DG-ISI Gen Akhrat Adbur Rehman's issue is concerned then I must tell you that at least he was the most astute Army officer in our history. I will give you just one example. Do you know when in October 1984, Indian and Israeli air crafts were at stand by position at sirinagar airport to strike our nukes at kahota, it was this Gen Akhtar Abdur Rahman who gave original files of Indian/Israeli operational plan to Gen Zia-ul-Haq. Gen. Zia then sent a Mujahidana message to both India and Israel that they both will bear the consequences of any stupid move and they will cry on their dumb move for decades. After his message Indian aircrafts flew to New Delhi, whereas, Israeli idiots flew to Tel-Aviv. Now, tell me one thing that how much bonus should be given to him (General Akhtar Abdur Rehman) for saving our nukes? Humayun Akhtar (son of Gen Akhtar Abdur Rahman) is a fellow of actuary from USA, you know much better than me about the level of earnings of people who belong to this profession.


You wrote,

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"> So many such people had remained involved in drugs business <hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></font id="quote"></blockquote id="quote">



Muhammad Amir

Not going into a debate here as you know my point of view already and at this point in time in we are just not able to make any objective analysis of what was right and what was wrong. Just on Hamayun Akhtar, given that he is an actuary as far as my knowledge is concerned he has never practised in Pakistan (and correct me if I am wrong, would appreciate if you cold quote the firm he's worked for). My understanding has always been that the source of his earning is Sugar mills and associated industries plus the bottling rights of a world renowned carbonated drinks in Punjab and NWFP. Besides no matter what sort of a professional you are you cannot amass the kind of money these guys have.


I can't go into a lengthy debate since we can only see clues and have no documentary proof. Pracs has pointed out something for you about the actuary Hamayun Akhter.

I can however clear my point which was about how a general can send his sons to USA for such education keeping in view his slary level. Further, this money and assets with such actuaries are inherited from the father. This has nothing to do with professional qualification.

I wonder why people join army and why it is called a professional institute if they want and get huge bonuses for each and every positive (or negative) act. If Akhtar AbdulRehman did something good it was part of his duty (in professional terms) and no bonus (in Govt employment scales) can lead to set up sugar mills and industries.

If we talk in faith's terms (while these people say they are faithful),we can see religious examples. We know Umer Bin Khattab Raziallah Ta'ala was Khalifa-tul-muslimeen and he was objected for supposedly having even one more cloth sheet than the others from maal-e-ghaneemat. He (R.Z.) did not deny answering such a query of a Baddu and proved his faithfullness by letting the people know that the extra cloth sheet was gifted to him by his son. He (R.Z.) did not hide the head and kept even that cloth sheet un-explained. Rather, he (R.Z.) appreciated the query and said to the Baddu that until the times Ummah will have corgeous people like you, it will not go to the wrong track.

Now, is there any General in the history of the world who could Naoozbillah be compared with Umar Bin Khattab (R.Z)? Did he (R.Z.) ever wanted such huge bonuses to set up sugar mills Naoozbillah or acquire the properties.

What we are talking about Amir. Is there any rationale?


Dear Mr. Kamran and Mr. Pracs,

I will not disagree with you as both of you are more experienced than me. I am just talking about their patriotism and devotion and nothing else. I just told you that Army is an organization and like many other organizations it is supposed to pay bonuses and salaries to its workers. As far as issue of setting-up sugar mills and industrial units through such salaries and bonuses is concerned then I agree with you that it is difficult to establish such business with salaries only. However, as I have no experience of it I can not talk further on this issue. And mind it, as with other organizations, Army also has some black sheep in their ranks like Mahmud Durrani. Anyway, Allah knows better that who is good and who is not.


Muhammad Amir
Amir, the Durranis of Pakistan are a plenty little said of them better. I take your point in what these Generals Akhtar Abdur Rehman, Zia ul Haq, Ayub have contributed to Pakistan in their own way. Ofcourse in their course of action they took their share, actually a lion share off with them. Ironically we have accepted this as a norm. But then again, God works in mysterious ways and this is just one of them.