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Full Version: WWF & WPPF
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Hello members
I need to know abt Workers Welfare Funds and Workers Profit Participation Funds. I dont knwo anything so I need to know all that
you can tell me. Thank you!

If u are talking about the provision, that how it is provided in accounts, the calculations are as follows.
WPPF Profit before taxation (before charging WPPF) x 5%.
WWF Taxable Profit x 2%.

As far as Payment as concerned, there are some rules for the payments of WPPF, (Slab rates for the employees) and it is paid to employees according to that. Whatever amount left after making all the payments to employees, is paid to the government.
and WWF is paid to government.

This means that amount should be deposited to govt. after distribution to workers.
what if a company makes an allowance for liability to be paid to workers by assuming no. of workers and pays govt. before finalization of no. of eligible workers?

what criteria for wppf? yani kay wppf kis ko milta hay kis ko nahi milta .Exaample management aur clerck kis ko milay gaa.