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If one goes seriously he will find that almost all the famous professional columnists are in fact very rich though in each of their column their words show as if they were just ordinary citizen like majority bitten by the poverty. Yesterday I was reading that in one gathering of the poets one amateur was boring the audience with his hanky phanky poetry while every one just for etiquette remained sitting silent. However Josh Maliha Abadi the very senior and well reputed poet on every word from the amateur was praising loudly asking his to repeat and re-repeat. A senior sitting besides Josh whispered what was he doing, Josh replied “munafiqat”. Almost all our senior professional columnist have since long adopted this policy of “munafiqat” surely for their own personal benefits. This “business” was created by Altaf Hussain Qureshi early 1960s. In his every editorial or article while in order to maintain his impression as that of a very bold, out spoken, courageous and freedom fighter in his every column first he criticized a little on the concerned policy of the government but at the same time to keep himself in good books he praised the personal character of the the ruler/politician concerned/bureaucrat particularly labeling such a ruler as "Darwaish, Sadah, Shareeful Nafeece" thus keeping a balance. It is well known a fact that how high status today Altaf Hussain Qureshi and family is. Seeing the wonderful results of this “Qurenshi technique”, later many started following suit. It became an established business later when politicians and senior bureaucrats at their personal as well as on official expense started maintaining "Public relations” with columnists. One may remember once the then Federal Religious Minister phoned Ardeshir Cowasjee requesting the later to mention a word of praise in his weekly column. The honest columnist, a rare breed today, flatly refused saying he was not a Munafiq. Only today I was reading the column of Dr. Ajmal Khan using as much as possible words showering praises for an SSP of Gujranwala.

Hardly any month goes by when the senior columnist Rauf Klasra does not praise one or the bureaucrat or power be in his columns. Last year he praised one Senator Mohammad Enver Baig in his column showering how this Senator boldly speaks truth in the Senate about policies of the Government more particularly towards Overseas Pakistanis. As is usual with we the foolish citizens creating a new hope with such words I addressed the Senator on 17 March 2008 and 13 Oct 2008 by airmail in additional to many emails on the subject of a much neglected Mehran Town Housing Scheme for Overseas Pakistanis on which now according to a newspaper with induction of the new government illegal occupation and encroachment has speeded up by way of any body putting a party flag and occupy the land. How important this issue is that once the most senior and high respectable really impartial columnist Mr. Irshad Ahmed Haqqani wrote two separate columns on this Mehran Town issue titled “I can not remain silent on this injustice”. But the Klasra’s praised Senator did not even give a single acknowledgment let alone take any note of. The most wonderful is all the emails sent to him on his given email come back undelivered perhaps this email as is usual with most of the functionaries emails either does not exist or is fake. However I must admit I felt down on the column like silent majority still having the sanctity for the written word but I did not know at that time that the Senator concerned was from the PPP otherwise I would never have wasted my time and money on writing.