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I am a common man, a senior citizen. During my whole 41 years service as a senior grade clerk I never earned even a single Rupee “Haram” hence out of my Rizq-e-Hial like majority could only save to invest in public shares @ 100 shares per selected company as a real domestic saver. During the last 30 years I saw almost one standard text Share Transfer Deed (STD) provided by the company concerned itself or purchased blank from the stationery shops. Only the size differed from shop to shop.

It is a general practice that the transfer deeds blank with new-potential purchaser’s details empty are kept pre verified from the concerned company for sale any time needed. A few months back for the first time I came across a STD which had a new column viz entries for the National Identity Card both for the seller and the purchaser. This created a logical confusion in the mind of this senior citizens that w if now the NICs details were required, which of course I do appreciate for security purpose, then what was the status of those STDs which people have long got kept pre-verified having no such column therein. Since as a layman it was my understanding that the SECP is the main monitoring and regulatory authority concerning stock exchange shares, I approached it requesting the information if the old pre-verified STDs without NICs numbers were still and would remain valid indefinitely or otherwise the shareholders need to get their already STDs converted into new format having NICs details therein.

The response from SECP is 07 worded. It reads “We have no concerns with Transfer deeds”. This is a communication to a member of the public from a Government office. It has no general courtesies like “dear sir, thank you for your enquiry, yours faithfully, if you have any other query please contact us etc”. According to the Secretariat Manual a government functionary is required to address the member of public as a Public Servant with protocol “Dear Sir” etc.

I started my job in Pakistan as a Lower Division Clerk in 1996. Those days in whole office we had one bulb and Brother manual typewriters. But since then we neither had earned 12 billion foreign exchange reserves, we did not stand in the list of top honoured nations, we were not enlightened moderates and had not even our dream image of any computerization, if any such query came to our office which was not of our “concern” we did not threw it back with 07 words on the face of member of the public rather forwarded it to the concerned Department under intimation to the person enquiring. But since today good governance has in abundance (in fact over doze resulting in negative results) been inducted into our government departments hence perhaps such type of response to the public. This senior citizen due to age factor while addressing SECP forgot that the days he was recalling when he himself was in a Government Office he and his colleagues were public servants whereas functionaries today are sons-in-law of the nation.

The issued I raised may appear to be a minor foolish one but I know it will, if not today, some day become a real problem for the real domestic savers when Companies/Registrars would refuse accepting for actual transfer the STDs without NIC details even though already verified. To this common man after all there is and must be a department who prescribed the STD format and which is to handle this issue. Or I wonder if I need to contact Lahore Riksha Drivers Union Office, Mirpukhan Municipality Office or Karachi Port Trust for seeking information on this subject?
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I am still laughing on it. They are Sons-in-Law of nation and "RAQEEB-E-ROU-SIAH" amongst themselves.
Mr. Javed,

People at large always respect the honoured honest persons in public sector. We know they are quite a few.

Your words are not foolish. These are representative of true sentiments which our nation carry as a whole. Every thing comes to right track if there is accountability and justice.

We unfortunately lack both of them at the moment. May we be waiting for some sort of Hitler.