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I have no proper education on computer. I am just an ordinary user as a PC. My use is very simple, first reading of newspapers, either print the interested part by directing printing or by highlighting copy and paste which all I have learnt by step by step use and passage of time or seeking information from colleagues and not from any proper lessons. As such I do not know the technical wording of the computer like Java, hyperlink etc because these are of no use for me as an ordinary user. However I have to problems which despite my best tries and even seeking information from my colleagues I am unable to solve. I tried to get information by putting my question in search engines, though information pops up exactly to my requirement but since language is purely technical and indicates to a further reference/link which gives a further link hence I can not understand. Failing all efforts through this forum I seek the help from members but with a request answer be given in very simple non technical language which I may understand.


It is about printing of Urdu language articles. The problem is when I go to say Daily Jang on Columns page, say I like to print column of Irshad Ahmed Haqqani, I can not print it fully. When the full article is before me I use two options. First I go to "File" tool bar and click on "Print". This way the article comes in three pages. All advertisements, photos, banners get printed of course with full article. Thus if one day I print four articles from that day's jang four print out of each advertisement, photos get printed which waste so much costly printer cartridges. The second method which I use too is that on top of the article when I bring the cursor there appears for 5-10 seconds a small icon having four signs one of which is of "Printer". If I click this sign of printer then only the Urdu article of Irshad Ahmed Haqqani starts printing without any side advertisements but only one first page is printed not the second page. A colleague told me this urdu column is pasted on the website through photo/picture system and for lengthy columns two photos are joined whereas to the ordinary person like me it appears one single column. He told me form bottom to go up and where the same printer sign appeared give instruction to appear thus page 2 will be printed. But this has also failed and again only the first page of article comes. Can any one help guide me in plain language how can I get such articles of Jang or that of Khabrain printed.


If I like any photograph say of a bird, a beautiful sight of sea or of flower I highlight it, copy it and paste on the "Compose" Section of my yahoo mail to add my greeting or message wording making as routine email. But what I have found is that when I send such emails my addressees tell me the photographs have not come with the mail but only the text. This surprise me. I have many a times tried for an exercise myself that I pasted two three photographs with a small message on "Compose" Section of my yahoo mail, sent it to my own hotmail email but when I open the received mail there are no photos but only a very tiny small red sign with an empty big box of actual photo size. Can any one tell me why these photographs get disappear. I know I can save these photos on my computer then attach those with email as attachment but that I do not like because when these attachments are opened the actual size of the photo does not come.

Can any one in simple language tell me where I make mistake in copy and pasting or could advise any better free email name which I may start using.

Thanks and regards