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Full Version: Top 10 Audit firms in Pakistan
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can anyone plz tell me the names of top 10 firms, ? and what are the disadvantages of not being selected in these firms for articleship?

Why Big 4 is so important for us ? Every one cant go to big 4 so what will be the affects of not going to big 4 in our careers.
big 4 is just important for u if u wana to do ICAEW.Also they have most of the big organizations/companies where we ultimately want to go.its creates references for u as well as its tell u how to work and manage these type of companies.
but what if one cant get admission in big 4 ? is it all over ? will he not be able to become effective chartered accountant?
Would any 1 b kind enough to name the top ten Audit firms in Pakistan as per their current ranking. Thanks.
Big 4 is definitely a plus point however it doesn't end there. If you are qualified, you are The One
I can give you some...

A.F Ferguson & Co.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
M. Yousaf Adil Saleem & Co.

KPMG Taseer Hadi And Co

Ernst & Young

Grand Thornton
Anjum Asim Shahid Rehman
here are some more in the top ten based on international rankings

Bdo Ebrahim

Horwath Hussain Chaudhury

Awais Haider
One should try for the big firms however surely the life doesn't end there. They are many other factors that are equally important for professional development. In the current situation getting a training contract in big firms has got more difficult. Opinion of members regarding rating of firms have been thoroughly discussed at a number of places on this forum in the firm's section, and searching the forum in this regard can be helpful. Clientèle of firms may not be strictly in accordance with their international affiliations.

Reference has become a legal requirement in all big my own experience......[D]
Riaz Ahmad & Co. ( RACO member of Nexia International ) should be included in the TOP 10 list
umm can any1 plz tell wt iz the rank of Ilyas Saeed & Co.???
What about FRANTS & CO.?
@sana does ilyas saeed & co. hold office in karachi too? if yes can u me the give contact details?
@ ali...frants is also is also the approved employer of ICAEW...
go read its affiliations in European Union..
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