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Full Version: Accountants and Finance Professionals in Canada
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Dear All, I am ACMA and currently employed in a private limited company as a Finance Manager. I have got the Canadian immigration visa and would request the Canadian members to give their valuable advice on following queries

1- What is the right season to land in Canada

2- What is the status of ACMA's in canada, i have been told that to work in canada one need to have local qualification and local experience, any comments.

3- CGA offer exemptions in 13 papers, do you guys recommend to go for it or any other qualification is recommended.

4- I was planning to do CIA , as its an international qualification it might help in finding a job in canada, what you guys think

5- Apart from finding a job , can you guys suggest any small business opportunities available in Canada and how much investment is required?

6- Can you guide about basic cost of living in canada for one person.

The valuable input from members will be highly appreciated

Thanks and warm regards
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